Trying our hand at pumpkins this year.  With such limited space I'm trying the trellis this year.  So far so good.

We went to Maine last month to visit the Yang family.  We sure love them and had such a great time.  We rented a 15 passenger van, so we could do our adventures together.  It worked perfectly.

So many fun adventures.  We tested out their boat a couple times.  We showed the cousins some tricks on the knee board and they all picked it up so quickly.
Their property is a kids paradise.  My kids were in heaven.
Can't go to Maine and not each lobster. 
My kids love their huge dog, Hugo.

A house I need to buy for retirement (right by Mary's).
Waiting for our sailing excursion.

We had so much fun sailing last time we were here, so we did it again this trip.  We had great sailing weather and got all the thrills of the boat tipping us all over.
Moxie and ice cream whenever we got the chance.
Rock climbing.  Everyone tried it and the kids were amazing at it.

Taught Char how to make Macarons (Mary's cool old blender).
Lot of talking and hanging out.  Everyone gets along so well, it just makes it so easy to be with them.
Went to Arcadia NP and played at the beach.  Met up with cousin Melanie (those pictures are on Adam's phone).

Ava's hair loved the humidity. Mine did too.
Skipping rocks at the beach by Mary's house.

One last fishing adventure on the pond before heading home.

One last lobster roll on the way to the airport.
Noah is constantly making things out of junk (glasses out of clear pebbles and wire). :/
We officially started school at the end of August. The plan all along was to homeschool all 3 of them this year, but little did we know everyone would be 'homeschooling' this year.  It's taken us a few weeks to get our rhythm worked out, but it gets better each day.  We still did the official first day of school pictures.  Ava 6th grade.
Noah 8th grade.
Grant 5th grade.
My kids are getting so big and growing up on me.  :(

Picture with their teacher.

Grant wanted to make school cards like they get every year in public school, so he and I made these for everyone. 


These are part of the kids' task books that they have to accomplish each week.  They are working great so far.  Helping them get better at time management and accountability. 

Got to have Andy and Mikayla come visit us at the cabin.  So fun to spend a few days with them.  The day they arrived is the first day we started getting smokey skies from the fires.  Bummer.  Still had a great time though.





These all uploaded in the opposite order, so this is end of July to beginning.  A few minutes after we left the cabin this 'little' guy came walking by the basement.  We've seen so many bears this year. 

Grant is my snuggliest and is always up for a nap.  Unfortunately, Tom (his giant bear), usually joins us. 
While Adam works I take the kids on adventures to keep it quiet for him.  We drove up past Mt. Shasta to Pluto's caves.  It was pretty awesome.  The kids thought this light beam made them look like angels.

Most of the cave has rock slides so you're climbing over jagged rocks the whole time.  We went a little ways in and then I made them turn back.  It was getting pretty sketchy. 

Noah thought it would be cool to just have his feet above water. :)
Since we've spent 80% of our time at the cabin this year, my garden has been neglected.  Happy to have some produce when we return home.
Readers!!  These two sleep outside every night.  Best sleeping spot at the cabin.  Noah said he wakes up at 2 in the morning and looks at the stars (2 of the nights he watched the meteor shower). 
The kids all have jobs they do to get the boat on and off the water.  Noah's in charge of the bow line and back straps.  Ava and Grant are in charge of pulling it off and on the trailer and anchoring it to the dock.  We can be off and on the water in minutes.  


The boys discovered my cross-stitch box and spent hours on a few projects.  Love that they're not intimidated by arts and crafts. 

They've done a few more that are decent (bear, deer) that we are framing for their cabin.

Another adventure with the kids and I.  We went to castle lake and then hiked to little castle lake.

I promise he's wearing a swim suit.

A lesson on mating. :)

It's so pretty there.  We love northern California.
My kids love knee boarding for some reason.  They try to see how high they can jump the wakes.

I got Adam new flooring for the boat.  Looks so much better than the nasty carpet that was falling apart.

Playing under the Foresthill bridge with some friends.

Clark's swimming hole.  Lots of rock jumping and swimming.  The kids love it.
Noah is always taking something apart.  So much for my clean garage.  This was an old printer I let him take apart.  He saved a couple of the small 'engine' parts and turned Legos into moving cars.  Amazed at his creativity.
We come home for a couple days (only when we have renters at the cabin), mow the lawns, feed Nala and then head back to the cabin.  It's been a great summer!!
Another adventure to an old bridge. This time dad got to come with us. It was really pretty and a fun little swimming hole.

Catching some minnows.

Noah has the longest record for surfing without the rope. 
The boys have gotten pretty good at playing chess.

Another adventure to the lake to SUP.  On this adventure Noah and I hiked up the side of the lake (the lake is really low) and watched a bald eagle from about 20 feet away eating a fish.  It was so cool.  Didn't have my camera with me, darn it.

Watching the fireworks in our court on the 4th of July.  There were 3 different shows going on at the same time and more further down the street.  The boys all wanted to light them, so they were the pyros for the night.

Of course we swam, BBQ'd and had shaved ice before the fireworks show.
My first tomatoes were ready just in time for the BBQ.
Since the church was closed down, and we technically weren't supposed to be meeting, our friends hosted the annual 4th of July breakfast for a few families. 
Saturday hike with some friends.
First harvest.  Even with total neglect we got a few good harvests.