Fort building at its finest.
 Every morning in the summer, Ava woke up with this knot in her hair.  We made up stories about what/who came into her room at night and slept in her hair. 
 Playing at Upper Clementine with friends while daddy was on High Adventure with his scouts, and found this hat on the rocks.  Crazy small world. 
 Trying to muscle their way up the 'rapids'.
 Looking for turtles at the creek (lots of them this year). 
 Luke and Jana and their girls came to the cabin in August.   We loved having them!!  I love Jana's company, Luke and Adam work on projects and the kids get along great.  My kids couldn't get enough of Mae's shenanigans.   Kate and Brooke both got up on skies and did awesome. 
 We took them to McCloud falls.  Noah and Adam jumped off the first fall and then we hiked down to the second fall (these pictures).  The water is freezing. The boys were trying to see how far they could go without dying.  Adam made it half way to the waterfall before he said his limbs were getting tingly. 
 Ava getting braver - I actually think she had to pee and decided to just get in so she could do it. :)
 It's so pretty up there. 
 Boating life is hard work. 

 Noah my baby whisperer.  He still talks about little Mae Mae. 
 Book lovers. 
 Couple days before school started I took the kids to 6 flags.  They all earned a free pass from the school for reading a certain number of books.  Adam had to work, but didn't feel bad missing out. :/
 We ran into our friends, Noah's best friend Evan, so that was awesome.  We also saw 2 other families there from our ward. HA!  They were expiring that week, so everyone must have had the same ideas as us. :)  I couldn't convince my kids to do the big rides, so we stuck to the shows and some smaller rides.  We ended the day on Joker, a big roller coaster, and they loved it - mostly.  It had a huge drop and they all said they couldn't even think or move when we were dropping. HA!!!
 Special back to school dinner.  The kids picked the menu (crab legs, jell-O, sushi, punch, corn).  Almost identical to a previous years. 
 My amazing mother sent me all these peaches and I'm happy to say I've only gone thru 1 bag.  That's BIG people!  I usually devour them ALL in about a week. 
 School started for these yayhoos.   My big 5th grader!  Last year in elementary school.  CRAZY!!  How did that happen so quickly?!?!?
 My cute little 3rd grader.  
 My bucky-beaver-teeth 2nd grader.  

 Noah got braces a week after school started.  Crazy contraptions they use now. 
 He was so excited to get braces (??) until a few hours later when his teeth started to hurt. :)  He told everyone (as did his siblings).  He lost his teeth quickly, so he skipped phase 1 and is in phase 2, which means he has 2 years and then he's done.  Awesome that he won't have to have braces on when he's a teenager. 
 Adam getting the disco ball ready for a multi-stake dance.  Whenever we chaperone these dances it makes me realize how old I am. They are SO different than the dances we used to have.  We had a lot of slow dances growing up and very little fast dances.  Totally opposite today - they only played 3 slow dances the entire night.  
Noah's last event as a cub scout - Raingutter regatta.  He made the boat entirely by himself - took him all of 10 minutes. :)  He loses interest really quickly with projects. 



Started out celebrating the 4th of July with our ward breakfast and kids bike parade. 
Swimming, BBQ and fireworks with a few friends. 

Bad picture, but Noah did some extra chores to earn the privilege of helping light the fireworks this year.  He was SO excited!
I found this commercial shave ice maker for a good deal and decided to buy it.  It's been a huge hit all summer.  We've used it as the dessert for most of our BBQ's.  We've upped our shave ice game with ice cream at the bottom and cream on top.  Oh yeah, they're good.  Just like the ones in Hawaii. 
One of our summer craft days - took some online lessons of chalk writing.  

Chick-fil-a day and 7/11 day all on the same day.  Heck yes.  Free lunch and free slurpees.  
Chick-fil-a had bounce houses, cotton candy, games.....it was pretty great. 

The kids turned the craft room into their sleeping quarters for about a week. 

Noah trying the knee board for the first time. Took the Wutkees to the cabin for the weekend. 
We had AC issues pretty much the entire summer.  Luckily it was still working, just not well.  For about 5 days though we couldn't use it at all and it was sweltering in our house.   Crazy how you can't do anything when you're that hot.  We just sat around trying to survive.  I don't think I could have been a pioneer.  
Discovered Orbeez

Played at upper Clementine a few times.  
Ava marking off one of her New Years resolutions to cliff jump.  Now she loves it. :)
We had a little Seattle friends reunion at the cabin.  The Jensens came down from Washington and the Broadbents DROVE from South Carolina to hang out for a few days.  Adam and I were a little nervous it would feel really crowded or overwhelming with that many people at the cabin (7 Jensens, 5 Broadbents, 5 of us and a couple nights we had our Bishop and his family there, 4 of them).  It ended up being a great few days.  
We spent a lot of time on the lake skiing, tubing, playing on the water mat and hiking to the waterfall. 

Pretty sure this is where lady bugs come from (this is on the way to the waterslide on the lake).
I told Noah he could jump (not dive) off this rock!  He had to land in the middle of that small pool for it to be deep enough.  
Adam took a few of our guests to the overlook. 
S'more time. 
The kids really had a ton of fun together.  
We weren't quite sure about sleeping arrangements, but obviously it didn't matter, because the kids wanted to sleep outside on the deck anyway. 
The most people we've had on the boat at one time. 
Every inch was packed with stuff or people.  Good thing we all like each other. :)
The kids found a black scorpion while on the beach at the lake (didn't know they came in black).  He's now part of our growing bug collection at the cabin. 
Took them to our favorite cliff jumping spot. 

After all our guests had to leave, Adam went back to work and the kids and I stayed at the cabin for a few more days.  We went to Castle Crags for a few minutes.  It was getting late so we only did one of the overlooks.  The babies started fighting when we got there and I told them I wouldn't keep walking with them until they apologized.  We sat there for 30 more minutes while they cried and quarreled some more! UGH! Seriously, sometimes kids are brats.
 At least Noah and I had some nice views to look at while the babies came to their senses.  Mt Shasta is such an amazing mountain. 
One of the days we found a beach on the lake and tried to fish.  Ha, we are NOT fisherman.   We just took our time and swam and played in the water. 

Finally got our old garden boxes ripped out (had to move tons of rocks and dirt out of the way) and started getting my new planters in place.  As of today all 7 of them are in place.  Well, that's a wrap for July.