My vacuum broke (Grant sucked up a paperclip, I think) so I took it to the repairman and he said it would cost me $350 to repair.  NO THANK YOU!! I decided to take it apart and see if I could repair it myself.  Sure enough, there was a broken motor PIECE (not the entire motor like he said).  Ordered it for $15 and repaired it.  I hate shady repairman. Glad I'm not afraid to take things apart either.  Kind of cool to see how it all works.  
 Helped one of our favorite babies turn 1.  We love baby Cooper. 
 Mormon helping hands.  Serving is so much more fun when we get to do it with friends. 
 Noah had a cello concert and did a great job.  He's getting pretty good on that cello.  
 April and May were pretty much consumed by baseball.  We had a practice or game pretty much every day.  The weather this spring was pretty much incredible, so we only had 1 game that was too hot. 
 Noah won an award running the most laps during their jog-a-thon for 4th grade (top 1%, I think?)
 Went on a field trip with Grant's 1st grade class to the hamburger farm (it's the pumpkin farm in the fall).  They got to play on all the toys and then do a tour of the hamburger farm.  They grow the wheat, tomatoes, lettuce, eggs, meat, etc. that make a hamburger.  Afterward we got a hamburger lunch. 
 The boys went on their father and sons camp out, so Ava and I decided to get a room in Tahoe.  It was FREEZING, so we really only ventured out for meals. :)  We tried to do a hike but the trail was covered in snow.  We were in water shoes - it was middle of May and warm at home, so we thought it would be about the same up there. Nope. :)
 Adam's newest purchase - a water mat.  I told him no for a few weeks and he somehow came home with one in his truck. Hmmm.....  with all the visitors we've had at the cabin this summer it's actually been a great purchase. ;)
 We love this lake.  It's so pretty.
 Noah had a great baseball season too.  On this particular day he hit a home run (home run by error).  He was so excited about it.  His team lost A LOT, but they won one of the playoff games, so they actually made it further than some of the winning teams. Ha!!  Guess it's not how many you win, but WHICH game you win. :)
 Field trip with Ava's 2nd grade class to the Utility center/library.  Kind of a boring field trip they do for 2nd grade, but the kids don't really care since they get to do something besides school. 
 Noah earned his Arrow of Light award in May.  I've been released from this calling for a long time now, but they wanted me to keep making the plaques.  I told them after May I was done making them (they take a long time to make), so a ton of the boys hurried up and finished their requirements. :/  I ended up doing about 10 plaques in 2 months.  Ugh, so many hours of work.  Glad to be done with those.  
I just realized Adam has all the Arrow of Light pictures on his phone.  Noah's not too formal with his uniform. We did race right from Grant's final baseball game and party directly to the church, so I'll blame it on that (although this is about what he looks like at each pack meeting).  I pick my battles. 
 Grant's a good little ball player.  He was on a team with quite a few of our friends, so it was fun to see everyone at the practices and games. 

We were so excited to have Kyle, Emily and their boys come visit.  They got to watch Noah get his Arrow of Light, played/swam at our house and then we took them to the cabin.  
 We took them to a few of our favorite places up there and had a great time.  
 Behind the waterfall.
 Jack being super reverent during church.  Ha.  I think I have a teeny tiny idea what it will be like to be a grandma - watch all the shenanigans that the kids do, laugh at them and realize it's not my responsibility to punish or teach them, and then reward their bad behavior with a treat. :)  It was so fun seeing what trouble this boy causes his parents. 

 Hiked to this awesome natural water slide that our neighbors told us about.  
Since this time, we've been here probably 5 more times. 
 Looks nothing like the rest of the lake. 
Noah had a gold rush play.  
Funny/slightly scary story: A couple days before this picture was taken I got a call from the office, about 10 minutes before school was to let out, telling me that I needed to get to the school right away.  The secretary said Noah was at practice and passed out and fell off the rafters.  She said they wheeled him to the office and I needed to come right away.  I hung up the phone and drove there as quickly as I could, all the while worst case scenarios running through my mind.  Of course I couldn't even get into the parking lot because it was pick up time, so I had to go to the back and run through the field and to the office.  As I was running a few of his friends come running up to me telling me "Noah passed out! Noah passed out!".  When I got to the office he was in the wheelchair with a bag of ice on his head.  I looked him over and he seemed fine.  When I realized he was OK I asked him what happened and he said he started feeling dizzy and then fainted.  What?!!!  That was it.  The teacher said he locked his knees and fainted.  He was on the top rafter, but luckily he fell forward and the kids in front of him cushioned his fall (they didn't get hurt).  Glad he didn't fall backwards.  Anyway, I was obviously relieved that he just fainted from locking his knees and not from something else.  The secretary was super scared and nervous, but I told her I was a nurse and he would be fine and I would keep an eye on him.  He came home and went immediately to the pool. :)  He was the talk of the school afterward though.  Kyle and Emily were in town, so he missed school the next day, which I think made them nervous.  We were at the cabin, so I didn't get any of their messages until after we got back either. Ha!!!



April in a nutshell and in no particular order. :)
Pinewood derby for Noah - his last!! :(
He said since he won 1st place last year, he didn't care if his car was fast this year (Noah is NOT competitive). 
Adam and Noah decided to do a Winnebago car.  Because we didn't have to take off hardly any wood, the car was overweight (without adding ANY extra weights to it at all).  We had to drill out some wood from the bottom to make weight. :) We thought it would be the slowest car there, but he actually won a few races.  I think he ended up in the 6-8th place bracket. 

He did win 'Best in Show' though.  Man, those cub scout years flew by!!
 Had torrential rains (almost 100" of rain this winter!!) at the cabin so Adam spent a good chunk of time up there regrading the road, adding more drainage ditches and putting down road base to help with the flooding. 
 Speaking of my hard working man, he turned 39 in April.  We sure love this guy and ALL he does for us.  He is amazing, that's for sure. 
 Sold my MDX. 
 A tattle teller note from Grant. Ha! Much rather see this than what he usually does (hit the offender). 
 Easter weekend at the cabin.  My mom sends the kids a bunch of Easter candy and treasures each year, so they were sorting them and adding them to eggs.  We hid them around the cabin for their egg hunt.  They love a good egg hunt.  Our friends, the Wassoms, were there too, so Adam hid some $$$$ eggs outside for their teenagers to find. Now I know why my parents 'made' us egg hunt well into our 30's.  It's very entertaining to watch older kids/adults act like little kids. :) Well played, mom and dad, well played.  
 Hiked to the overlook.  That view never gets boring. Incredible up there. I wish the parks service would maintain this fire overlook.  Such a cool place, but the structure if falling apart. 
 My boys are pyros. 
 A bat that kept me company outside the kitchen window. 
 Easter Sunday.  A little egg hunt (only dimes and nickels in the eggs this time - spoiled kids kept asking where the candy was) and then Easter baskets.  Easter bunny brought all the treats we rarely get, so the kids were in heaven (their own root beer, candy bags and peeps).  They also got some glow in the dark stars. 

 Went on a fun hike with some hiking buddies. You can see more picture <HERE> on Heidi's hiking blog. 
 Open house at the kids' school.  Noah hatched and raised chickens in his classroom, so that's where we spent most of the time. 

Sunday afternoon drive to check out the Father's and Sons camp ground.  There was a big fire there last year, so they were still cleaning up, but Adam said it looked better when they went there for the camp out. 
Noah's been learning about the California gold rush for state history this year.  He had to do a poster about which route we would have taken. He did a good job. He got 'most convincing' from the parents vote after open house. 
After they did all their projects work on the Gold rush they got to go a field trip to Coloma (Sutters Mill), where it all started.  It was a fun field trip.  Noah was a pretty good gold panner. 
 He got lots of gems and even a few pieces of real gold. 


Hawaii - part 2

 Crazy how quickly I can get behind on this blog.  So, let's finish up Hawaii this post.  
March 18 - Played at Aulani.  This days was spent mainly at the hotel playing in the lazy river, on the slides and snorkeling at the beach by the hotel.  Ava spotted this rock fish and I couldn't believe she saw it.  She told me to come look at this rock she swore had eyes.  When I finally went over there, sure enough it was a rock fish. 
 We got him to move and you could see him better, but man, he was camouflaged in those rocks. 
 Noah playing with a gross sea cucumber.

 Adam took his mom out snorkeling.  The snorkeling wasn't too great, but still saw a few cool fish. 
 The freezer was stalked with ice cream treats, so cute little Luce enjoyed a yummy treat. 
 Inside the tunnel of the lazy river. 
 Lots of fun with these Gubler's. 
 Signed the kids up for an activity with Stitch to make slime at Aunties Beach house.  They went back and forth there during our stay.  We took turns watching the kids so the adults could go out for dinner.  The kids just wanted corn dogs and mac and cheese, so they didn't care to go out.  The first time Adam and Joe watched the kids while Beth and I went with Con and Rob to a Mexican place near the hotel.  Really good fish tacos.  This night (Saturday), Adam and I went to dinner with our friend Mike (our friend from Guam) and his family to a Thai place.  Later we went to their house and visited with them for awhile. 
The next morning Con, Rob, Noah, Joe and Adam woke up early to try and get Pearl Harbor tickets (they only hand out so many tickets each day on a first come first serve basis).  They got in and spent a few hours there. 
 While they were at Pearl Harbor Beth and I took the girls.....and Grant (Ava's usually the only girl, so this was a fun change for her) to do a scavenger hunt around Aulnai.  It was a neat scavenger hunt.  They give you an ipad and it tells you where to go. Once you get there you push a button and something happens.  The rocks will start moving, water will squirt, a video will play, etc.  Pretty cool.  They had a couple different hunts to do.  The kids got bored though and ended up at Aunties Beach house.  I wanted to keep doing it, but ended up going back to the room for some quiet time. :)
 That night we went on a walk down by the beach and to the different resorts to watch the waves and sunset.  
 Monday, March 20 - rented a big van and went to the Lyon Arboretum.  We were headed to some waterfalls, but Mike told us about this Arboretum so we decided to give it a try.  It was free and the kids could run and hike, so it was perfect. 
 I took about 100 pictures of flowers and trees.  So many cool looking plants!! I'll just post a few.

 At the end was this little waterfall where some of us dunked ourselves to cool off (the weather was actually perfect for hiking, overcast and slightly breezy). 
 Afterward we found this slightly questionable food joint and stopped for lunch.  It was actually really good - Serg's Kitchen.  Amelia enjoying her enormous hot dog.  
 This night Adam and I watched the kids while Beth, Joe and Con and Rob went to dinner.  They went to some Hawaiian place that was really bad. :)
 March 21 - went to Paradise Cove (I think that's what it's called) in the morning to snorkel.  Mike (he was a good resource) told us about this place.  It was only a 10 minutes walk from our hotel.  Within about 5 minutes of getting in the water Grant spotted the first sea turtle.  It was so fun to be so close to these cool animals.  We all got to snorkel right next to them all morning. 

 Noah spent most of the time getting lost and exploring.

 It was a fun place to spend a few hours.  Afterward the Gubler's went to Chuckee Cheeses (Joe really likes that place :)) and we went back to the hotel to play in the pools and relax.  This night Beth and Joe watched the kids while Adam and I went with Con and Rob to a restaurant called the Monkey Kitchen.  The food was amazing!  One of the nights, I think Friday (all my vacation notes were on my old phone which was deleted, so I can't remember when we did some things.  My memory is failing me, so I take notes), we went to the outdoor movie showing of Dori.  Our rooms overlooked the banquet lawn, so twice while we were there we got to watch their Luau (free!) from our balcony.  So glad we didn't fork over the $150/person for the Luau.  
 March 22 - Time to come home. :(  Con, Rob and the Gubler's left in the morning, so we had to say our goodbyes to them.  Finished up some laundry (our room had a washer/dryer in it - so convenient) and then we went swimming one last time before we had to head to the airport.  It was a really fun trip.  So glad we got to spend this time with grandma and grandpa and the Gubes.