The many uses of a collinder

Seat-Hat-Stepping Stool
Noah has many uses for my appliances. He gets past my "kid-proof" cupboards and discovers a world full of new toys. He especially loves my bowls and pots. He is sporting his favorite outfit.....a diaper and only a diaper. Yes, it is still winter; in fact, it is snowing today. Noah doesn't mind the weather as long as he doesn't have to wear clothes. We don't mind because we don't have to buy clothes very often.


Jon & Bridget said...

He is so creative. I love all these pictures. It looks like he has a great personality. :)

Winslow Family said...

I wish I could see him! I think Mike told Adam that we would visit in Dec, but we didn't end up coming to SLC. We are coming up during spring break (12th-15th of March). We would love to see all of you if you have time! Let me know (just leave a comment on my blog or e-mail).

mammasweet said...

Noah is the most brilliant grandson I have. Love you all, Mammasweet