Eastering.....is that even a word? Growing up we always called the Saturday before Easter (when we go out to play in the sand) 'Eastering'. Come to find out 'Eastering' is NOT a word. Anyway, we went to Hurricane for Easter had a blast 'Eastering'. Rachelle took her nieces and nephew horseback riding. Noah didn't want to get on the horse, but had fun driving the tractor. Grandma Linie was kind enough to get all her grandkids their own bunny. Thanks to grandma for housing and feeding them for us.....permanantely! Noah loves to drive, so he took advantage of anyone that would let him drive any motorized vehicle. Grandma also puts on an annual Easter egg hunt and Noah had fun finding all his orange eggs; of course, he thoroughly enjoyed eating the contents of those eggs.


Min and Mary said...

Great pictures Summer! I can't believe you guys went to the lake in March! no pictures of the freezing ski-ers, huh? Noah's too good looking. I love his on-demand smile. Will you post some video of him? I know you have a digital recorder, so no excuse! Love,

Melissa Scott said...

I also love the pics Sum!! We were wishing today that we could have gone to Kolob for Conference. I guess next time around. We wished we could have seen you guys when we picked up the new "husband" swan, but it was so late.

Terra said...

Noah is so big. He has such a cute face. I hope you don't mind me snooping through your blog. I saw your link on Mary's page and I had to see Noah.