Hogle Zoo

We finally got a pass to the zoo since we frequent the place. Noah had a lot more fun going to the zoo with his cousins than with his parents. We also discovered why Eli hasn't found his true love, he's not really working on airbags all summer.


Min and Mary said...

Eli's actually looking quite handsome, don't you think?

Eli Wilson said...

Funny - as I was sick this week, I degraded to watching TV (no offense, Piemer) and happened to see Planet of The Apes on Fox 13. Coincidence?

Anonymous said...

Thank you for going to the zoo with us! The girls had a great time and Madi was so excited to be going with Noah. Sorry about missing you on the way back. Madi was not happy with us and told us that we would need to turn around because she needed to see Noah. Oh well, we will try again.