July 24th

Adam had to work for this holiday, so Noah and I went on all the adventures. First of all we dropped of Adam at work and took about an hour getting home (it usually takes 10 minutes) due to the parade and marathon runners. Then we took the train to the Days of 47 parade; Noah loved the horses and the police motorcyclists that kept driving by to make sure we were staying behind the line (not a real part of the parade). After the parade we ventured up to the "This is the Place" park. We got to ride the train, play on the toy trains, and pet all the animals. Noah loved this baby goat. He kept following it around and trying to get it to play in the stream with him. Once daddy got home we had a BBQ and did some sparklers. We're so glad the pioneers endured so much so we could have an extra holiday to celebrate!

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Eli Wilson said...

I like that picture of him and the goat. And the fact that he looks chapped in the picture with both of you.