Bear Lake

The first weekend of August Leah, Adam, Noah, and I (Eli joined us on Saturday) went to Bear Lake for a few days. We had a blast as usual. We did a lot of waterskiing, camping, eating, bike riding, and playing in the sand. Noah figured out that he can swim by himself with his life jacket on so he was anxious to swim whenever possible. He also loved playing on the beach and making 'sandmen'. As you can see he also likes to spend a lot of time naked (better do it while you can). Bear Lake is famous for their raspberries and everywhere you go there are raspberry shakes..........oh sooooo gooood. We had a few while we were there. Adam took our scouts tubing on Friday morning, so Leah, Noah, and I went on a 12-15 mile bike ride. It was so nice not having to dodge cars, and the weather was perfect for a long bike ride. He had a great time and might have to sneak in another trip to Bear Lake before waterskiing season is over.


Cram Family said...

Looks like fun. You are so awsome!! I hope you guys are doing well. You asked about the clinic all I can say is WOW stuff happens all to much. Drama drama and more drama I am sure you dont miss it. Take care.

Kim & Pat said...

Wow you guys do a lot! These are some great pictures... especially the naked ones.. so cute! Looks like a ton of fun :)

Manda said...

You guys went to Bear Lake? I am so jealous!! I miss that place. Hope all is well!