9.10.08 = Noah turns 2

For Noah's birthday we had a few of Noah's friends over for a little party. It was raining the entire time but the boys didn't mind. Henry, Coleman, Blake, and Noah thought it was fun to get rides in the wagon, and they loved shoving the cupcakes in their faces. Well, the other boys did, Noah hates his face to be messy so had me help him it eat his. The fish cupcake was for his friend party and I tried to make him a boat cake for our little family party. The boat cake didn't quite turn out like I invisioned but he thought the boat was neat anyway. So many people sent Noah stuff for his birthday, so here's a general THANK YOU for thinking of Noah on his birthday. He had a hard time with the finger paints at first since he doesn't like his fingers to be dirty (what's up with this kid) but he got the hang of it. Since he was spoiled by everyone else, Adam and I just added some duplos and the baseball bat to his plethera of toys. All in all it was a great day.


Anonymous said...

I love you Noah. I love horses and I want to come over and see your horse sometime. I love you Noah!


Anonymous said...

What a cute cake. I did the same thing for Madi, but they were in the shape of a horseshoe. Imagine that. She also got a "giant" cupcake with horses on top. Glad he liked the flashlight and fingerpaints. If he hates to be dirty than he will love the fingerpaints for the bathtub that we have for him. See you soon! Madison can hardly wait.

p.s. you know you can still sign up for the triathlon!!!

The Yoder's Three said...

I can't believe he doesn't like to get dirty!! My kid is the exact opposite. He sure is a cutie. Those two years just flew past.

Jessica said...

Happy Birthday Noah! Glad you had a fun day. Good job on the cakes Summer.

Min and Mary said...

Charlotte LOVES this post! She won't stop talking about "Nooo-ah" now.