Last Ski Trip of 2008 and Other Event

Here's an update of what we've been up to these last couple of weeks. So we took the boat back to southern Utah about a month ago. :( We're pretty sad that the season is over already. We did go to Quail Lake while we were down and got one last run in. Connie (I won't tell you her age) is still amazing and popped right up without getting her hair wet. What a WOMEN!!
Noah and some of his friends (Henry and Coleman) went to Jungle Jim's - an indoor kid place. At first Noah loved the rides but as we aproached his nap time he didn't think they were as much fun. It also didn't help that I put him on one that went in circles pretty fast, which he wasn't expecting.
The weather has been beautiful the past couple of months but we did get a cold front last week and it snowed on us! We pulled out the winter clothes and Noah thought it was fun to try everything on. Yes, he still runs around with only a diaper - at least I put the gloves on him, right?!


mommaquincy said...

Its hard to let summer go, isn't it? That Connie has always been amazing.

Eli Wilson said...

My favorite one is the serious look with Noah holding the flag. It's either a "business only" pose or a "why do I always have to hold this #$%@! flag"... maybe a mix.