Culture and Fun

The weather has been amazing these past few days, so yesterday we took advantage and did some touring around Salt Lake. First we went to Memory Grove, an awesome park east of the capital building. The entire park is built around a river and for much of the park it's a no leash area for dogs. There were tons of dogs and Noah couldn't be happier...dogs and water!! He saw a bulldog and yelled "Hi Capone". Then started asking about Tyson and Kyle. The first part has lots of historical garb and then there are paths that take you through a canyon. Salt Lake has so many amazing parks. We love it! (Sorry no picture from Memory Grove, they are on my phone and I get them to transfer to my computer)
The view looking up in the entrance...beautiful.
Noah playing with the bees.
Made him take a breather from running all over.
Noah loved these Lions.
Tribute to Dad.........the Liberty Bell (replica). Noah didn't care about it because it didn't work. If you've never been to the Capital I suggest you take a visit next time you're in town. It is a beautiful building. Here's a video of Noah learning how to roll down the hill. He needs some practice, but he thought it was pretty fun.


bethany said...

Wahoo! That's wonderful. I bet he's the best thing that's happened to the capital. Or the state.

mommaquincy said...

That is a pretty fun video of his rolling skills. Keep practicing Noah, you can do it!

Hayley said...

I love the picture of him sitting in front of the capital. Then again, he's so dang cute in any picture.

Ellis and Karen said...

The capital building is pretty amazing. I went once in high school. I love the video of Noah rolling down the hill. Looks like fun!

rachelle said...

Your kid has issues, who doesn't know how to roll down a hill? Oh yeah, the ones that prefer purses to dirt and mascara to trucks;)

Lorin and Angie said...

I love outings... looks like you had fun! Noah is such a cute kid!! Thanks for sharin whats going on with you guys, its so nice to stay in touch. weremovinforward.blogspot.com

Kim & Pat said...

Ooooo... a no leash dog park. I think we may be checking this out. So do you guys live up in the Ave's?