Ava Wilson

We were expecting Ava anytime the first part of this month, so Noah and I have been busy doing a lot of fun things together. The day before we found out Ava was born we went to This is the Place Monument with Noah's friend Dutch (and his mom and sister). The baby animals are just a month or so old so they are really fun to hold and play with. Noah had a blast.
Born: June 4th, 2009
Weight/Height: 6 lb. 10 oz. / 18" long (shrimpy)
Brown hair and absolutely adorable
Dean (our uncle) who is also our attorney for this adoption drove down did all the legal work, handed over the baby and then drove right back home. A huge thank you to him, and Erika, for sacrificing their fragile weekend to help us with our little family.
While we were down south getting Ava my sister April had her baby.......Brooks Allen Bringhurst. I'm glad we were able to stick around so Ava and Brooks could meet each other.
Noah has done surprisingly well with baby Ava in his territory. He is sometimes overly concerned about her well being. It's so sweet to see him interact with his sister.
We had lots of family around to help us welcome Ava to our family, and we are so thankful for all their help. We feel so blessed to have this beautiful baby come into our lives and we look forward to the next one in a few months. We love Noah and Ava so much and couldn't be happier (a little more sleep would be nice) with our lives and the blessings we've been given.
Side note: I'm going private next week so if you haven't already given me your email address, and you want an invitation, please leave me your email. Thanks


Amy H. Ellis said...

Congratulations! We are so happy to welcome another great Wilson baby into the family. We can't wait to meet her.

Did you get my email about the hotel discount for Hawaii? If not, let me know and I'll resend. please also add me to your email list. Thanks!

Aunt Amy (& fam)

Loni said...

please add me to your email list.

Adorable. Regan is so excited. What a great family. Congrats!

Jeff said...

congrats you guys! make sure we're on your list for the blog. if you need mine and casey's emails, let me know.

Amber Gusa said...

Oh oh! add me! add me! This is your cousin Amber! I'm a follower! :)


Also, I'd like to see a pregnant pic of you Summer! Are you guys gonna find out the gender??

Casey said...

cmahovina@gmail.com for the email list

babies 6 months apart....wow. i'm thinking that might be more difficult than twins. :)
congrats you guys.

Kasey said...

She is so adorable! Congratulations!

mommaquincy said...

I am so impressed that Noah is so sweet and willing to share the limelight! She is adorable! What a darling family you are!

Jon & Bridget said...

Congrats guys! :) She is cute... good luck with that sleep thing. ;)

Annalie said...

Congratulations! Little girls are so much fun!

Kaspar said...

How exciting! Congratulations on the babies! You'll be a very busy momma! ;o). We are here in North Salt Lake. We have an amazing clubhouse pool and lots of parks... Let me know if you need a break and you could bring Noah here to play and swim! Seriously! My number is still the same.

Mary said...

She really is adorable. I see some resemblence to Noah...you don't think the mom...nah! I think this girl is skipping the weird newborn stage because she looks too perfect. No wrinkles or blemishes at all. Keep the pictures coming. We love your little (soon to be bigger) family!

The Lemmon's said...

She is gorgeous! Congratulations! Noah looks like a great big brother. (Daddy looks pretty happy too!)

The Lemmon's said...

Our email changed, so please include us in your blog with this email: rjlemmon@cpaz.net. Thanks!

Cram Family said...

She is so cute!!! Congrats to you guys. Looks like she is getting in on the little sister stuff pretty good and Noah looks like a big help. Hope everything continues to go well. Make sure you send me an invite to your blog!!Take care

Hayley said...

Oh, we are SO happy for you guys! We'll have to see her sometime! I don't know if I left my e-mail before, but here it is in case. We TOTALLY want to keep in touch.



Heidi said...

Yeah!!! babies everywhere!!! What an exciting, eventful weekend with both babies. I too think Ava resembles Noah. Don't ya love it! I had quite the busy life last weekend and Blake had had a really bad cold, so I didn't want to bring any germs over. I'm glad that you guys have posted pictures though, now I can see for myself how adorable both babies are.
Hang in there and you must be pretty special and doing what's right to get 2 babies so close together. But we are already knew that, huh? :) Love you guys and are soooo happy your family is growing.:)

Definitely add me to the list. I'll e-mail you my mom's address as well.

The Jones Family said...

She is beautiful! We would love to continue stalking you guys, so count us in. Also, we are going private on the 30th, so send me your e-mail.
Kody and April


Earl & Girls said...

Yeah. I'm so excited for you guys. No wonder you've just disappeared. Congrats and good luck. Our email is earlhealy@yahoo.com.

Ellis and Karen said...

She is so adorable. I'm so happy for you guys!! :)

[ stefanie ] said...

Congratulations guys, we are so happy to see your family growing. Hopefully we will be back in Utah next year for more than just a couple of weeks during the holidays, I'm hoping for my residency at the U.

Reagan & Stefanie


Becky said...

Holy Cow!!! I haven't been on your blog in a while. i'm so happy for you. Congratulations. You are going to have your hands full.

The Yoder's Three said...

How exciting for both you and April!!! You guys seriously have earned these precious babies. Can't wait to hear more about #3!

I think I already left you this, but just in case: melissa_yoder21@msn.com

mammasweet said...

Your pc is fixed!! Can't wait to hold her again. Love you all.

G'ma J said...

Summer and Adam, If you don't mind me dropping in once in a while, I would like to be able to visit your blog.


Erika's mom

Thanks and Congrats!!!!

Anonymous said...


How did I not know any of this!!
Congratulations on *2* babies....wowza I can't even imagine...Swing by my house one of these times you're in so-ut, we'd love to see you guys more often.

Kim & Pat said...

Congrats!! She is beautiful! I am so happy for you guys!

Marti said...

Congrats on the new baby and the one on the way. I am so excited for you guys. I have left the blog world for awhile, but I am so glad you invited me to yours again, so I could catch up on all your good news. We miss you down south. -Marti