4th of July - Ava 1 month Old

Ava is an entire 1 month old (July 4th). I'm a horrible mother and still haven't taken "real" pictures of her yet, so this will have to suffice.
Noah loves his sister and keeps talking about the "nother baby in mommy's tummy that is coming after my birthday". He still insists that it's a boy. We had our ultrasound last week and everything looks good. It's a.................boy or girl or an alien. My guess is the alien from the ultrasound pictures.
For the 4th of July we first started out at our ward party. All the kids decorate their bikes/wagons and we have a parade around the block. The rest of the day we didn't do much of anything (which is a nice break sometimes). We finished off the Holiday with some steaks and fireworks in our yard.
Proof, Ava likes the bathtub now. Just don't take her out.....she HATES IT!! She still sleeps most of the day, but when she wants attention she definitely knows how to get it. She's starting to smile a lot more and occasionally will "chat" with us.
Noah thinks every little kid should have a best friend like his Bear, so we got Ava her own Hippo to love. Noah forces her to play with it, but she hasn't gotten too attached yet. I'm sure she will love Hippo as much as Noah love Bear. Grandma Linie bought Noah a new stuffed frog, so now he packs around his pillow, bear and frog at bedtime and in the mornings - he's got his arms full.


mommaquincy said...

She is getting more meat on her bones all the time! Good work you two! I'm sure she'll get attached to an animal, hopefully it won't be Noah's bear or frog!

Kyle & Emily said...

Finally more pics! She is such a cute bug. We need pics of your belly STAT!

Em said...

Your little family is just so darn cute!!! Ava is an adorable little baby! Noah is funny too!

Ellis and Karen said...

You look very cute with your prego belly!! I love the new pics of Noah & Ava. Did you want a surprise or could they not tell what the baby was at your ultrasound?? I hope you are doing good & over the morning sickness!