Super Bowl Feast - and I do mean FEAST!!

Our dutch oven chef - Matthew Shirley (as Rachelle calls him). He pulled if off wonderfully, and without incident..........Rachelle on the other hand
decided to "pull of Rachelle" and chop off some skin while slicing potatoes - in the first 3 minutes of cooking mind you. Needless to say she was demoted to taking out the garbage.
The delectable dutch oven short ribs and potatoes. YUMMMMMMM!!! We also had peach cobbler but I forgot to take a picture. Beth, you can wipe up the drool off your table now.
"Little Chef" as I call him, was cooking jelly-bellies for the super bowl crowd.
Our party people: Samantha and Zeek Zanger (couple from our ward), Rachelle (look at that big mouth!), Mark (Poncho's boyfriend), Poncho (Rachelle's roommate) and Matt.
No, I did not watch the super bowl; in fact, we didn't even know who was playing until it started. We only treat the super bowl like a holiday so we can have a reason to pig out.


Emily & Kyle said...

Don't you think he makes the best dutch oven potatoes. I can say that because I am a fat boy who has eaten a fair share of dutch oven taters in her lifetime. So Slum did you really watch, like for example can I ask you who won and you would be able to spit the answer out without googling it? Also where are all of those screamin babies during the superbowl?

Emily & Kyle said...

Also those are eclairs on my blog made from scratch with vanilla bean custard, and chocolate ganache on top. These classes I am going are going to be the death of my waistline;)

Ty * April said...

Why were you not watching the super bowl downstairs on that giant TV that Adam is so proud of? (Which he should be, right Adam? :) )

Looks delicious. I have had Mathew Shirley's potatoes and I do have to say they were pretty good.

bethany said...

oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh