The Babies

Just some random pictures of the babies. I think Grant is bigger than Ava now - we have an appointment next week so we'll see. Everyone please pray we sell our house SOON; we miss our daddy so much (we've made it one week without him). I'm having issues uploading pictures so I'll post more later. The kids and I went to Quincy's for dinner last night and tried out the new dance Wi thing-a-ma-jigger you can see video and pictures here - thanks Quincy's for letting us crash your Sunday dinner, we had fun.


mommaquincy said...

You didn't crash the party, you were the party! Everything is so much more fun with kids around and you have got darling kids! I don't know why my video of Ava dancing wasn't there! She has quite the moves!

bethany said...

you have the best kids ever. I love all of them in the sink/counter