Cousins and Grandma visit - and auntie April

Meg, Madi and Noah having a bubble bath - Ava teaching Brooks to climb stairs -Noah, Madi, Meg and grandma Linie making breakfast We love it when we get to play with cousins and grandma - it's fun to play with aunt April as well. Noah, Madi and Meg played from the moment they walked in the door until they left for home. Brooks and Ava had their fair share of fun as well.


bethany said...

cousins are cool. I'm glad that they could come up and play. Brooks is big. I was thinking he was just a wee baby still.

Ty * April said...

Awwww thanks for letting us come. The kids had a blast. In fact, when we got home that night Meg was talking to Noah in her sleep. Quite funny.