Lots of Easter pictures - Your Welcome

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Every year my mom puts on an amazing Easter egg hunt in her backyard for ALL the cousins (we're talking 3rd cousins). Noah had a lot of fun hunting down his eggs. He actually found most of them by himself this year.
(Noah finding all his eggs)
(Showing off to grandma all the candy he got)
Thank you grandma (and grandpa) for the great treats and fun egg hunt!! Saturday we went to the ranch for the annual 'Eastering' event but I didn't pull out my camera once - I left those pictures up to April. We had a blast and Noah played on the sand hill the entire day.
The big BUNNY found us at grandma's and filled up the baskets we left out for him.
Noah loves to cook so he decided to help grandma with Easter dinner. He also loves to eat flour so he helped her test out the ingredients as well.
Grant - 5 months
Wt. 14lbs (15%)
Ht. 25" (30%)
Grant had his well child check today and come to find out he ruptured his ear drum Sunday night. He was up most of the night screaming and the next morning had a lot of drainage coming out his ear. I thought maybe it was infected but decided to see how he felt during the day (and I knew we had an appointment the next day anyway). He acted fine so I brushed it off. The doctor says once the eardrum ruptures the pain goes away so that's why he quit screaming after a few hours. He seems fine now but the doctor gave him an antibiotic for a few days just to be sure.
AVA - 10 months
Wt. 16# (3.4%)
Ht. 26.25" (5.5%)


bethany said...

ruptured his ear drum? How did that happen? Thank goodness you're a nurse and can handle all that jazz, I'd probably panic. I love that last picture of Ava. It should be in some magazine.

Mary said...

The ear drum rupturing sounds awful. Poor baby! And I think Lionel might catch up with both Grant and Ava in weight this week...I swear he's doubled in size. At least with two small ones, you can carry one on each hip, right?

Cory & Alli said...

CUTE Easter baskets! Goodness, you weren't kidding about Grant catching up with Ava, I can't believe they're only 2lbs apart! Lovin' her smile on that swing!

Heidi said...

Such cute and fun posts!! I've been behind lately. Your kids are the sweetest.

Meg & Josh said...

Ruptured ear drum? Poor guy. How about you? Gotten any sleep lately? :)

The Yoder's Four said...

Holy cow--Luke weighs more than Ava by a long shot at only 6 months. So sorry about the ruptured ear drum! We went through that with Madelyn a couple months ago.

I LOVE the Easter buckets, too!

mommaquincy said...

Looks like a fun Easter! I'm surprised that Grant isn't taller than Ava, he looks like it. He'll catch her at the next visit. Jack's eardrum ruptured like that one night, too. Once he went to sleep I was so exhausted I slept until the doctors office opened the next morning.

Janacy said...

3.4%??? Wow!!! She's TINY!!!

That's ok... she'll be the girl and needs to be dainty ;)

You're amazing, Summer!!!