Baby Stats

Wt. 18# (5th percentile)
Ht. 27" (less than 3rd percentile)
Head 44cm (15th percentile)
Wt. 17# (15th percentile)
Ht. 26.5" (20th percentile)
Head 44cm. (3oth percentile)
We went to the doctor for the babies check-ups and this is how they measure up. Ava and Grant are almost the exact same size. We tried taking Ava's 1 year old pictures today. We started a little late so she wasn't very smiley since it was nap time, but we got a few good shots. We're going to try again in the next few days. (Any suggestions on camera settings?)
Brothers - oh how sweet. Notice Grant's new scrunchy smile.....cute!


mammasweet said...

Summer they are just adorable. I love each one completely. Ava would look cute anywhere you took her picture, but try putting her next to a bunch of flowers in a garden. Where you completely taken off guard when the fam arrived for your special day?

rachelle said...

dear ava,

Your physique is laughable.

Love your favorite aunt who loves you dearly despite your midget-ness,


mommaquincy said...

They are almost twins!! I love the scrunchie smile, too. I think I remember Adam doing that, too!

The Yoder's Four said...

Love all the new pics! Ava looks too small to be walking around. Haha.. Madelyn weighed 17.8 lbs at one year but I think she was 30 inches. There's nothing wrong with being petite!

Jessica said...

Adorable! Great job on the pictures.
Way to go out on the town alone, such courage.
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