October Happenings

We've been busy this month, thus the lack of postings. Here's a few things we've been doing over the last couple of weeks.
We had really nice neighbors at our rental house. They had 3 little boys, one was Noah's age and they loved playing together. Noah loved yelling over the fence to see if Riley was outside. Sad we had to move him away from his buddy. Riley's dad is a lineman so he took Noah {and Adam} for a bucket ride. Noah thought it was pretty neat. Sad to leave suck great neighbors, but we've been lucky to have good neighbors to replace them. We moved in to an established neighborhood, so a lot of older people and older families live here. Not many young families. Our neighbor to our left was a football player for the Cleveland Browns and his dad was Jimmy Ellis the Heavy Weight Champion of the World. Jeff, our neighbor, said that Muhammad Ali was at his house a lot growing up. Needless to say our new neighbors are HUGE sports fans.
Noah 'ooing' over the beautiful valances in our new house. They span almost every window. Beautiful, I know. We live in the 70's around here.
Our new favorite treat is graham crackers and Nutella.
Mary was gracious enough to have us over for pumpkin carving and a sleepover for Noah.
Adam stole Min, and his power tools, to do some work on the boat trailer last Saturday. It rained a lot last weekend while they were here, so the kids stopped around in the puddles. We live in a dead end circle street (court), so Noah can ride his bike, stop in puddles and ride his john deere tractor all over the road. It's nice to finally be somewhere he can run around safely.
Our beautiful peach walls and some Halloween bats. This is about all we put out for decorations this year since we're still unpacking everyday items.
We did find time to make some delicious Halloween treats though. We took these to all our neighbors to introduce ourselves.
Noah's preschool Halloween party.
Trunk-or-Treat with our new ward. Our ward here is very similar to the one we came from in Salt Lake - very small primary (only about 15-20 kids total), fairly small youth groups, and fair amount of older people. The people are very friendly and LOVE having 3 more kids in the ward.
Ava sporting her cute new dress from grandma Linie. She has been going to nursery the last couple of weeks (the nursery leaders let her come in early) and she does great. She could care less if her parents are around. Quite a change from Noah. We still have to stay with him in primary for a few minutes before he'll let us leave.
Waiting for trick-or-treaters and showing off our Jack-o-Lanterns. Noah loved passing out the candy. Notice Noah is outside with no shirt on.......it's still pretty warm here! YEAH!! How's that snow Salt Lakers?
Grant loves this holiday. Candy for every meal. He especially loved the suckers.
Ava sharing her sucker with Grant. We had a great few days of Halloween. Happy to say we spent less than 15 dollars on all three costumes. I guess I'll have to start making their costumes every year. Phew! All caught up.....well, I do have video of Noah's swimming lessons, but that will have to wait for another night.


The Yoder's Four said...

Oooo peach walls and valances!! Ha!! JK it sounds like a great house in a great neighborhood. I can't believe how small the primary is. I used to have that many kids show up for nursery in ABQ.

Their costumes are to die for!! LOVE the octopus idea!! I wanted Luke to be a lobster last year. Still kicking myself for not buying that costume, but he was only 3 weeks old and it probably wouldn't have fit.

Good luck settling in!

mammasweet said...

Thanks for updating Grandma. I think the 70's were great. That's when I graduated high school and met Moose. Do you have peach carpet?

Heidi said...

Cute costumes and kids. Suckers are Blake's favorite as well. ;)

rachelle said...

uh hum.....it happens to be bEEEAutiful fall weather here right now, you witch! T'was a delightful 68 degrees here today, so you're excuses for moving leave a lot to be desired. I miss my friends, and no, I still don't have any friends my own age.

mommaquincy said...

Ava looks so grown up in her dress! So nice to be on a quiet cirle!