Baby Grant turned 1

Can you believe my baby boy is {ONE}?!
His cake. Not quite as elaborate as this or this, but it tasted great. We've been a little busy these past few weeks, so I didn't have time to make an amazing cake. I was going to do a milk and cookies theme, since Grant loves cookies and I figured he would love milk. However, I've been trying to give him milk over the past couple of weeks, and come to find out he HATES milk. I've tried warming it, adding chocolate, warming the chocolate milk, sneaking it to him............nothing works. As soon as he gets the slightest taste of it he spits it out. My plan was to stop nursing when he turned one, but now I'm not sure what to do. Any suggestions? ANYWAY, we went with cookies and ice cream - he does LOVE ice cream. He must be my boy! So we made ice cream cookie sandwiches, and I hallowed out the middle of the chocolate ice cream and filled it with vanilla ice cream and cookies.
{Cookie Monster} cookies
Our snacks - Cookie Crisp and Chocolate Milk
I made this Cookie Monster shirt for Grant's Cookies and Ice Cream party.
Stick-on Cookie Monsters for the party guest.
The party guests (AKA our favorite California cousins) Charlotte, Freddie, Lionel and Mary. Oh yeah, Noah and Ava were there as well. The Yang's came over and played with us all day, and supplied the much enjoyed birthday balloons. We are really enjoying having cousins close to play with. The kids get along really well and have so much fun together.
We decorated cookies,
and then enjoyed eating our cookies. I can't make sugar cookies very often because I tend to eat way more then my fair share. Maybe that's why I still have my flabby rolls after a year!
Singing to the birthday boy. He wanted to touch the fire.
He's not one to hesitate when something is placed in front of him with free reign.
We all ate WAY too many cookies yesterday, but it was for a great occasion. Granty turned 1! (Ava and Grant both threw up that night from so much sugar) What a good mom I am.
Grant's birthday present. He loves it, but Ava loves it more, so he doesn't get to use it very often. I can't believe it's been one year already. We love you baby Grant.


Eli Wilson said...

You Californians and your duffers...

Melissa Scott said...

Do you use mom's sugar cookie recipe? I still remember her making those and it literally taking all day.

We love the cake. You are crazy to think that it isn't as elaborate.

Happy Birthday Grant!

Summer Wilson said...

Yes, it is mom's sugar cookie recipe. The best recipe, in my opinion. It really doesn't take that long. I think it seemed like it took forever, because of the waiting time for each batch to bake.

The Yoder's Four said...

Happy birthday Grant!!! Love the cookie party. He is so precious. Luke is 13 months and he is still nursing, too. No idea what to do, either! Oh, well...they're only little once.

mammasweet said...

Kathy, Kent, Grandpa and Grandma Ellis, Rob and I all love your birthday pictures. Can't wait to see you in person.

Mary said...

Thanks again for letting us crash the party. I can't believe your kids threw up from all the sugar. I thought they (like we) had a high tolerance for treats. Charlotte and Freddie both fell asleep in the backseat of the Saab covered in blue frosting.

Cory & Alli said...

It took almost 2months for Sadie to like cow's milk. She also didn't really like chocolate milk, but she did like Nesquik VANILLA milk, it makes it taste a lot like ice cream. And the thing that finally worked were straws. I keep a cup & straw in the fridge and every time I open the fridge, she wants some. Good luck! Oh, and WAY cute party, by the way! :)

mommaquincy said...

Everything was so well done! You are such a creative mom! I love the birtday present, too. I'm going to get something similar for myself (all of my grandkids to share) for Christmas! My kids loved strawberry quick.

bethany said...

hooray! I love grant. Mostly his little adam-eyes. I'm so happy he's in the fam. Give him a slobbery kiss from me.

Heidi said...

Time sure flys by, doesn't it? He's such a cute little guy. I have to say that your mom's cookie recipe is by far the best tasting recipe. I've tried many but definitely stick with that one now every time. :)

Loni said...

What a good lookin' one year old! Love your party theme. How about sharing this amazing sugar cookie recipe!!!!!

Jessica said...

Nope, can't believe he's 1! Remember last thanksgiving we were together and he was brand new? Crazy how quickly time flies and how much can change in a year.
Grant is such a cute kid, has it hard dealing with Ava though! I think that's how Tessa feels, she's at Sophie's mercy all the time too. :)
GREAT job on the halloween costumes by the way, I love them! The octopus is my favorite.

Janacy said...

Summer, you are SO amazing! You make us fuddy-duddy mom's look bad ;)
I could never make such awesome cakes... So don't ever sell yourself short, just because your kids threw up LOL

Grant is Gorgeous!!! I love how he's an even product of you and

You've got an Awesome family!