Our Sunday

Noah and daddy showing off their acrobatic skills. Noah's wearing safety goggles just in case. :)
Grandpa Bruce and grandma Linie give us a new blanket every year for Christmas, and this nice blue one is the newest addition to our ever growing collection of blankets. The kids love it because it's so soft. If you ever try to lay down on the carpet at our house, you will soon have 3 little kids piling on top of you.
Grandma Connie reading Noah a Christmas book over Skype. It's been fun being able to talk to the grandma's and cousins over the internet. We love technology!
Ava was trying to touch the light on the wall, and whenever she would reach for it, her hand would fall and the light moved. By the time I pulled out the camera, all the kids discovered what she was doing. Sorry it's a little shaky, Noah was trying to put his hand in front of the camera the whole time.


bethany said...

I'm so glad that you're doing this everyday-post thing. It is so entertaining.

mommaquincy said...

Great entertainment! From acrobats to seeker of light.