Calling all Crafters (and moms who need a little help with keeping children reverant)

I stole this from Mary's blog (hope she doesn't mind, since I didn't ask permission) so I could entice all you crafty people out there to raise you hand to volunteer. Good thing I have Mary around to get the ball rolling on projects that I merely talk about. I realize I don't follow through on many things I blab on and on about. Anyway, any takers?
the Quiet Book collaboration
It's simple, really. My sisters-in-law, Summer and Janalee, covet the Quiet Book I made for Charlotte and Freddie. And rightly so. It's a favorite for road trips, Dr.'s offices, church meetings, or whenever my kids are having a hard time sitting still. Our idea is to join forces, thereby simplifying the task of making this book. Each mommy (or grandma or aunt or whoever is participating) will make multiple copies (enough for all the participants) of a single page. I propose we get a group of 6 to 8, to make a good-sized book, otherwise, we each make two different pages. And if necessary, we can always split two groups if too many people want to participate.
Here are the pictures of our Quiet Book. It desperately needs new pages, maybe a weaving page and one with shoes and laces. We'll discuss ideas after the group forms...
Button-closure and two button holes on each page, bound with yarn make it easy to add to the book.
Inside the cover is a velcro pocket to hold little activities or snacks. The first real page is the barn with finger puppets. This is everyone's favorite page.
learn to tell time and learn to snap
Flannel dress up and laundry day. The mini clothespins really work, but are a bit advanced for my kids--Charlotte is 4-1/2 and has only recently figured out how to open them.
In the leafy treetops and nodding flowers. There's a little bird in the nest, but it's still the dumbest page in the book. Pretty, but not much fun.


The Yoder's Four said...

Oooo! My mom made a similar book for us as kids and it's so awesome. I'd be willing to help out if you decide to do this. :)

Kyle and Emily said...

Mary posted this on face book and I told her I def. want to participate. My friend made a cute one last year and all year long I have been wanting to make one. The task seemed to complex so I never started, but this would make it bearable! Her book is so stinkin cute!

mammasweet said...

I'm going to do the flower page. We have many cool buttons around here:)

The Lemmon's said...

If you still have room for one more, I'd love to participate. Let me know if I can and what you want me to do. Sounds fun!!

Janacy said...

I'd be willing to pay a hefty price for one of these... I just have NO sewing skills.. maybe get back to me if you want to make some good cash, Mary?? ;)