Outdoor Breakfast

Can I just brag for a minute - OK, even if you don't want to hear it (Rash and Leah), I'm going to say it anyway. The weather has been so NICE here lately. We've hit 70 degrees, a few times, the past few days, and the rest have been in the 60's. Not bad, for January! Only down side - the mosquitoes. I have about 10 bites on each arm.
One of my favorite things about warmer weather is BBQ's, and I love BBQ'ing breakfast. The kids thought it was pretty fun to eat outside as well. Even better, I didn't have to clean up all the food off the ground.

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Ty * April said...

You can brag all you want. . . to Leah and Rachelle. But it has been in teh 60's here for a few days and even up to 68. Yeah!