The Joys of a Play Room

As my mom and dad used to say, "It looks like someone died in here".  We have a 4th bedroom tucked away downstairs, that we use as a playroom.  When we get visitors, it's a guest room.  I love having a room that we can put all the toys and shut the door.  Normally I don't let it get this bad, but for some reason I haven't been in there in a couple of days.  Since we don't have any lights in any of the bedrooms, we don't go in them at night, except to sleep.  So, when we do our clean up at night we just chuck stuff in there and shut the door.  Well, this is what happens when you just chuck stuff!!  Needless to say, we (90% me, 3% Grant, 4% Ava and 3% Noah) cleaned it all up today.  


mammasweet said...

Wait a minute! Isn't that the room Rob and I stayed in? Next time we come, we'll just stay in the family room and you can leave that toys out.

The Yoder's Four said...

Both my kids' rooms look like that right now. I SO wish I had a playroom!

Jessica said...

Play rooms ARE awesome! I am excited to one day get all the toys out of the bedrooms and into a basement.
Grant is looking way too grown up.

Kyle and Emily said...

I see Noah still has the ikea snake! I thought for sure you would have thrown it away with the move. Can't wait till Gus can add to the mess when we come visit.
ps I finally delivered your qb pages.