Preschool and another Recipe

(Noah, Daxton, Abbie)
I haven't posted about preschool for awhile, and since it was my turn last week I thought I'd share what we did.  I like to post about some of the things we do, so IF (that a huge IF) I ever do joy school again I'll remember some of the things I did.  This month's theme was outer space and my assignment was to review letters A-M.  So rather then take the conventional approach to outer space (i.e. moon, stars, sun) I decided to take the imaginative approach.  So..... I let the kids create aliens/monsters. :)

After the kids made their monsters I used up some old vinyl and microfiber fabric (back from the Big Bag Days), and made these cute hobo sacks for them to put their alphabet rocks in. Here's a link on how to make the sacks.  It was really easy and since there are only 4 kids left (Kendall moved last week) in preschool, it wasn't that bad.  It's true, if you leave your sewing machine out you complete a lot of projects.  When it's put away, it stays in the cupboard for a very long time.  
Noah's really in to adding numbers right now, and I'm really into refurbishing/throwing away things, so we made these adding blocks at school.  They throw the blocks, and then add up the animals.  These blocks were originally letters that spelled different words.  Some decoration thing my mom gave me.  Cute, but I really didn't put them up, so instead of throwing them away (sorry mom, I really do love most of the things you give me) we reinvented them.  Total cost for preschool this week.........ZERO DOLLARS!

Another recipe.  Getting sick of these yet?  This one is awesome paired with a mild white fish, like cod or Tilapia. 


Ty * April said...

and you guys want me to start a recipe blog? Why? all the recipes and pictures are here. I have a picture for pumpkin cookies if you just want to add it to yours. :)

I need to figure out something for Meg. I would really like to do Joy school just not sure how I will pull it off. (I need to find someone to do it with. )
Great ideas though. I love the bag, and the rocks.
When I leave my sewing machine out projects don't get finished. But the sewing machine gets attacked by little children.

mammasweet said...

Summer, I love the blocks. Ask Adam if he remembers the foam blocks we had the Elva made for us. He used to make little huts with pillows and the blocks when he was four or five.

Kyle and Emily said...

Remember the sweet person that finished those blocks for you? She is really sweet, great idea on re purposing the blocks. Way to go green. the foam blocks mamma sweet is talking about sound awesome!! Any good recipes involving tuna? I have a ton from Kyle's deep sea fishing trip!

Summer said...

Em, I actually thought of all that work you did on those blocks while we re-created them.