Just Between Friends

So I'm not one to brag, OK I am, but I had to share this awesome thing I found.  There is this enormous consignment event called Just Between Friends that takes place in a few different cities in the US.  You should check it out and find a location near you.  Basically, you can take all your old baby toys, books, clothes, maternity clothes to the site and they will buy it from you.  I didn't want to sell anything, so I just went to buy.  The best time to go is the pre-sale (if you qualify) or first thing on the public sale day.  I've heard things are picked through by afternoon.  Just while I was there, a lady walked away with 7 HUGE ikea bags full of clothes.  Later I found out she takes all those clothes down to Mexico to give to needy families.  I almost cried when I heard what she was doing.  Anyway, I walked away with name brand (lands end, gap, boutique dresses, gymboree, etc) clothes.  I got all those clothes for $100!  I usually spend that much PER KID (2 times per year).  I honestly don't know why I buy ANY clothes, because my kids run around in their skivvies all summer.  But hey, if CPS comes to my door, at least they'll have a shirt to put on, right?!
9 shorts
3 pairs of shoes
6 dresses
1 rain coat (lands end)
2 cardigans
3 P.J.'s
8 shirts
1 swim suit
So, on average each item was $3.  
Oh, I should mention that this sale (at least the one I went to) was more for kids wearing 4T or smaller.  They did have some stuff up to about size 7, but not as much.


Heidi said...

Oh my goodness I seriously need to find something like this. Great find.

mommaquincy said...

Nice finds!