Gubler girls and Leah

Week two of visitors included Amelia, Jane and their mothers........Beth and Leah.  Yes, it requires 2 mothers to raise those cute girls.   We did a lot of swimming, abusing Mary's baby chickens (forgot the camera so no evidence that we were at Marv's - just trust me), talking, hanging out and a trip to the Bay.  We had fun with these chickies. 

Mary and 2 of her munchkins

Leah trying to win over Ava's affection.  It took about 30 minutes of letting her jump off the stair to her that finally did it. 
Jane trying to dive in the water.

Baby Janers

Post swimming movie and popcorn.  Funny how they segregate.

Boys on one side,

girls on the other.

I took the girls to San Francisco. 
Leah found her twin, from behind anyway. 

Beth and Jane
Babies playing in the sand.

My cute boy, Noah.

Grant's heaven......sand and a shovel.

Jane tried to taste the sand by planting her face in it. 

A crazy guy walking with this bird put it on Noah and walked down the Pier with us.  Thanks girls for coming and playing with us.  Next time, move here permanently, or stay longer!!


The Yoder's Four said...

Jealous of all the fun you've been having, and the BEACH!

Becca said...

Looks so fun! What a lot of kids, though. Phew.

mammasweet said...

....she really said, move here permanently! Summer just doesn't have enough babies.

-Kyle and Emily- said...

can't wait to see those cute munchkins!

Ty * April said...

Connie has got to be loving see all her grandkids playing together. That is too funny that they seperate. It is like a battle of the sexes. That picture below of Grant with his haircut (the one with the orange shirt) looks so much like Brooks I had to do a double take.

mommaquincy said...

How fun! That's so nice when sisters can get together!

Mary said...

and you take such good pictures!