May Madness

I realize it's supposed to be March madness, but this month has been CRAZY........yet fun!  First off, our turkey family came to visit again.  This time the males were strutting their tail feather for the ladies.  

Our first set of visitors......Kate, Brooke, Jana and Luke.  We've had a new set of visitors every week this month.  It's been fun.  Noah started asking in April who was coming and when.  He'd say, "OK, so Kate is coming first, right?  And after she leaves then Leah's coming, and after Leah leaves then Shelby and grandma are coming.  After they leave who's coming after that?"  Now we can tell him that baby Gus is coming in a few weeks. I know everyone was worried that we'd be overwhelmed with visitors, but we really enjoy it.  We don't cater too much, so it's pretty easy to accommodate guests. 
We immediately put Luke to work on our yard projects.  Jana told us he has to be doing some sort of project or else he'd go crazy, and ultimately drive us all crazy.  No problem!! We had a list of projects he could choose from.  The boys poured a sidewalk around the backyard, and got a good chunk of our swimming pool fence done.  I'll have to do a before and after post of our yard, since our yard looks completely different since we moved in.  Still a lot to do, but it's starting to take shape.  Anyway, we're so grateful that Luke is antsy and willing to do grunt labor on his vacation. 

Mary, Jana and I took the kids to Fairytale town one afternoon.  The kids all got along really well and had a lot of fun together. 

Mary entertaining all the cousins.

Wow, that's a lot of kids!!

The weather was nice, so we spent some time playing in the pool. 

Kate and Brooke and their cute matching swimming suits.  It was so fun to play with these girls (and their parents, of course) and see their personalities.  

Swimming Bums
The fairy princes and princesses........and Mary. :)

Grant lazying in the sun.

Kate, Noah and Charlotte

We're so glad Kate and Brooke got to come play with us.  We had so much fun.  
Up next, our second set of visitors - Beth and girls and Leah. 


mammasweet said...

The kids are so cute! It looks like your weather cooperated beautifully. The back yard looks entirely different than it did in November. You are hard workers. Did you put new tile in the pool? I didn't remember the dark blue tile.

Heidi said...

What cute cousins...I bet they had a blast together.
Luke sounds like Nick...even when he's scrunched for time, which is always, he ALWAYS has a project he is doing or he would go nuts after too long. But it's usually other peoples projects, but some of mine are finally getting done.

mommaquincy said...

Wow those girls of Luke and Jana's have really grown up! What cuties in their pink suits!