New Tricks

We taught Noah how to go down the stairs on a sleeping bag.  He thought it was pretty fun.  I even gave it a shot.  It's not quite the same as an adult - hurts a lot more. 



Meg & Josh said...

We used to get grounded for that! You guys are such good parents! :)

mammasweet said...

Don't let Adam use the cough cushions- it wears them out.

rachelle said...

you are such a tard nugget shlum. That ava is a cute little fart, that hair makes me just yearn for the days when she's older and has to deal with dad's egg-beater comments. And yes, I do salivate thinking about those blasted strawberries, pour salt in my wound why don't ya, kick my puppy while you're at it too. Cute cake too, I hate that you are artistic and I can't draw a stick figure! I miss those farts. Show pics of me to all of them and keep reminding them how beautiful and talented their distant aunt chelle is

Becca said...

Summer, I'm glad you gave it a shot. I've wanted to try that again, but now I know not to!