Santa Cruz Camping Trip

Some kiddos trying to sneak out of the tent. 
Over Labor Day weekend we went camping at Lehi Park, in Santa Cruz.  We went with our friends the Notleys, and a few families from their old ward.   
This is what the last half of the drive looks like.  Surrounded by huge redwoods and sequoia trees.   It was beautiful.  The roads were SUPER CURVY too.  For almost an hour you go back and forth and basically go nowhere.  I kept thinking, Jana would never be able to come here (she gets car sick).  

Saturday we went to the Natural Bridges State Park Beach for a few hours.  There was a rip current that day, so we didn't get in the water.  The kids didn't mind though, since they could play in the sand all day.  The state park behind this beach is famous for the Monarch butterflies that migrate there during winter.  The ranger said a few butterflies were just starting to show up, but we were about a month short of seeing them. We might have to go back in the winter.  I think it would be awesome to see. 

Noah teaching the babies how to dig for crabs.

I love me some cute little sandy toes............and E.L. Fudge cookies. 

Grant contemplating the demolition of the sand castles Adam and I built.  

Ava not hesitating a bit to destroy the castles.  

On our way back to the camp site.

My kids tend to get dirty fairly easy on a normal day, but when we're camping it's dirty to a new level. 

They couldn't be happier. 

This boy LOVES camping (can you tell by that smile), especially when there are 9 other little boys to play with (ages 4-8).  The girls were way outnumbered, only 3. 

I tried to get a picture of the sunset, but this is all I could get.  There was a spot just up the road where you can see the ocean and the sunset, but we were headed to the potty and didn't get back in time to snap a picture. 

The 'fire bomb' brigade.  The boys were in charge of putting out the fire before we left, and when they discovered that pouring water on it caused a cloud of smoke, they were happy to help. 

It never got old.  Noah said they were making fire bombs. 

The bystanders.  My hubby is such a great dad.  He's always willing to help out with the kids. 

Wasn't long before this happened on the way home.   


mammasweet said...

We love it! Once again, I almost feel like I was with you. We can't wait to see the kids in a few weeks. Today was the Wilson Family Olympics here in the backyard. Jana and I were both snapping pictures, so hopefully there will be some posting for you other three grandkids.

-Kyle and Emily- said...

Beautiful!! Love those dirty babies! Happy Birthday Noah:)