Christmastime, Christmas Eve, and the Big Day

We went to the zoo lights at the Folsom zoo with some of Adam's co-workers/friends.  The lights were cool, but we couldn't really see many of the animals.
Santa was at the zoo too.
My kids have been very nervous around the old jolly guy, but they actually sat there long enough for me to get a picture.
A few weeks ago we went on a preschool field trip to Krispy Kreme's.  You can see that field trip {here}.

Christmas Eve
We went to the Yangs Christmas Eve morning.  My kids love to play with their cousins, and love to play with their chickens almost as much.   This is the only picture I got of our time at the Yangs.  Mary made gingerbread houses for us, and she designed it to look like our houses. 
Looks very similar.  Cool, huh?! 
Christmas Eve evening, we went to our friends house.  There were lots of kids there to trash their house.
After a yummy Pizza dinner, Kelli helped all the kids dress up and act out the Luke 2 Christmas story.  
Joseph (Evan) and Mary (Paige) and the donkey (Stewart)
Grant was the shepherd -  cutest darn shepherd I've ever seen.
Ava was a wise man giving the baby Jesus a present (with no pants on, mind you).
Ava was the donkey the second time around (we had some sad girls who wanted to play Mary, so we acted it out twice).
Then all the kids got crazy wild and started jumping on the couch and attacking one of the dads.
Then we played musical instruments and sang Christmas carols. 
The dads really getting into the carols.  It was a great Christmas Eve party. 
Finally, the kids got to open a much anticipated present.  It could have been a rock, and they would have been happy.  They all just wanted to open a present. On Christmas Eve they get new P.J.'s and a new book.
Daddy reading them their books.

Christmas Day

Those elves, and Santa, put together this huge pool slide together while the kids were snug in their beds.   

Noah was all smiles the entire day.
Grant got a "digger" and didn't care about anything else. We kept asking him if he wanted to open presents, and he would say, "no, I want my digger".  
Ava got this balance bike that she really doesn't care about.  She LOVES the slide though.

Noah got a bunch of Lego sets, roller blades and transformers.
Christmas night the Yangs came over to play, eat dinner and sleep over.  We had a yummy ham dinner with all the fixings.

The slide has become the main attraction. 
Adam attacking the kids as they go down the slide. They have gotten pretty creative, with ways to use the slide (forts under it, forts over it, tunnels, going down with pillows, backwards, surfing....you get the picture).

We got 2 new tubes for the boat.  One is being used as the landing for the slide right now, and the other we tested out in the pool.  Now we can't wait for summertime. 

We took down all our tree and decorations the day after Christmas.  One thing I love almost as much as having a tree and decorations, is taking them down.  The babies helped me get rid of some of the decorations by biting off their heads. They thought it was quite funny.
We all had a FABULOUS and AMAZING Christmas season this year.  We hope yours was just as magical.


-Kyle and Emily- said...

That slide is super awesome!

The horse was Kyle's when he was little. Grandma linie got it out of the attic for Gus.

mommaquincy said...

There's nothing like a slide in the living room. We had our activity gym in the front room for months after Christmas and then moved it downstairs for each winter there after.

mammasweet said...

You celebrated to the max. Great work, elves! I assume the slide has now been reassembled at poolside. Can't wait to try it out myself!

Becca said...

Um, wow. I think I need to stop reading other people's blogs, because they let me know how lame I am in comparison to the rest of the moms out there. Your Christmas looked so fantastic! Favorite part? Ava babe in the Nativity without pants on!