Oh Christmas Tree

 A little over a week ago, we decided to go cut down our Christmas tree. The Yangs bailed, but this time they had a good excuse (they were all sick), so we picked up a tree for them.  I haven't had a real tree in probably 20 years.  When I was younger I was always sick the entire month of December, so the doctors blamed the Christmas tree.  We decided to test our health and get a real tree this year.  We drove to Mendocino National Forest, north of us a couple of hours.  The drive was REALLY curvy and bumpy (un-maintained roads most of the way), but really pretty.
 We picked up our permits in this little (population 250) town.  This is the towns store, gas station, deli, basically the only store in the town. 
 We drove up in the mountains and started 'the hunt'.  Noah and Adam hiking to look at some trees.
The Yangs tree.
Adam cutting down our tree.  We eyeballed the trees and figured they were about 12 feet tall.......wrong.   Mary had to cut off about 3 ft. to fit in her house with 13ft. ceilings, and we cut off almost 4ft. to fit in our 14 ft. ceilings.  oops, they look a lot fuller (is fuller a word?.....more full) and smaller in nature. 
 All loaded up. So much for traipsing through snow (like in the movies) to get a tree.  It was 60 degrees and sunny - not complaining, just not what I expected up in the mountains.  
 Little munchkins getting ready to decorate the tree.
 I set up the tripod and just pushed the remote, so I could man the ornaments and still get pictures; however, I realized later that my shutter speed should have been faster (most of them came out blurry).
 My Christmas boy.  He could hardly wait to get the tree decorated - mainly because he loves to play with the ornaments.  He can't resist miniature trucks, trains, singing Shreks, etc. 

 Our giant tree. 
I wrapped some of the left over branches together and made a wreath for the front door.  Minus the continual debris of  pine needles on the floor (mainly from small children pulling on the branches), we love our Christmas tree.  


The Yoder's Four said...

That is a HUGE tree! How fun, and I hope it doesn't make you sick. I wanted a real tree this year, but maybe it's best that we didn't since Luke won't leave ours alone...

-Kyle and Emily- said...

you know mendocina county is the highest percentage of pot growers in the country, so be careful up there. looks good. kyle

Summer said...

Kyle, I can totally believe that about the pot. It is so desolate around there, and the towns are SO SMALL. Probably nothing else to do, but grow pot. No mom, not like a pretty flower, drugs! :)

mommaquincy said...

And you're not sick?