A Big Accomplishment

 All the Wilson grandsons playing Lego's together.  
 Noah's been practicing riding his bike without training wheels the past couple of weekends, and he GOT IT on Saturday!  We're so proud of him. We started out back on the grass, and once he could make it across the grass without falling we moved to the front yard.

Yesterday we went all the way around the block.  So exciting. 
Here's a little video of one of his first runs out front. 


The Ellis Family said...

Yay Noah!!!!

-Kyle and Emily- said...

What a big accomplishment! So, what was with Kyle and Adams 1 hour and 11 minute phone call the other night. lol. They were like little girls;)

mammasweet said...

Now, those are four very good looking boys. How they don't fight much:) Adam learned to ride without training wheels at 3 1/2 just to be ahead of Sarah.

Ty * April said...

Good job Noah! That is awesome. Meg loves riding her bike.

Mary said...

Ah, the freedom of riding a bike! And I'm so glad to see his daddy teaching him.

mommaquincy said...

Way to go Noah! I love the helmet. That means your mom and dad really love you! Ahh legos! Such great toys! Although I got rid of all of mine and just kept the duplos.