CPK Field Trip

 I know you're probably expecting Florida posts, but I need to catch up a bit first.  The morning before I picked up my mom and sister from the airport, our preschool went on a field trip to California Pizza Kitchen.  To see the tour and more photos, click {HERE}.
 It was a great field trip.  They all got to make their own pizza, tour the kitchen and eat lots of pizza - it was free too! 
 Grant patiently waiting, and watching, for his pizza.

Right after the field trip, my mom and sister flew in.


Jeff said...

nice. i've done some cool tours with my webelos den (in n out, cabelas, adobe construction site, but cafe rio said no), i'll have to add this one to the list. it's great having the little kids to get special access. you have any other tours you'd recommend?

mommaquincy said...

cool field trip!