Phone dump

 It's true: when you have a camera on your phone, you tend to stop taking pictures with your actual camera.  I vowed not to do that, but it really is more convenient; however, I regret it afterward, because the pictures aren't as nice.  Oh well. 
Here's an update of my phone pictures.  
First off, we've made LOTS of visible progress on our house.  We've been working on it for two years, but we're finally to the stuff that you can see the difference.  I have good intentions of doing a before and after post of all our rooms, but haven't quite gotten to it.  Here's our old bar area.  Adam installed the stainless steel desk a few weekends ago.  This is SO much better than before. Makes the room seem so much bigger (I'm sure removing the fireplace helped that too).
Bar area: Before
 Most of the pictures on my phone are taken by Noah.  He loves taking pictures (note to self: remember this for his next birthday).  I have a lot of Nala and a lot of Noah's toys.
 We went to Skyzone with some friends awhile back.  It was fun. The kids loved the foam pit the best.  It was fun, but much harder to get out of for us old farts. 
 Every weekend, there is a HUGE flea/farmers market here.  We go there a lot to get our fruit and vegetable, and lots of other random stuff.   It's cheaper than Costco!  I'll have to get a picture of the "random stuff".  It's seriously like going to an open market in Mexico.  Random stuff everywhere.
 Sugar cookies for Valentines day.
 The next few photos are just me and the kids wasting time and making faces for the camera.

 The weather has been so nice lately, so Noah thought it was warm enough to try swimming.  He put on his (too big) wetsuit, and headed for the pool.  I told him that wetsuits are supposed to be really tight to keep the water out, but he thought it would still work. Ha ha. The water was freezing, so he changed his mind about jumping in.  Adam told Noah that he would jump in if he did, so Noah was about to jump in and then fell in trying to get something out of the pool. He was NOT happy about falling in.  Adam and Eli jumped off the board and swam to the stairs.  WAY too cold for me.  Adam said he used to jump in cold water (either the pool or the lake) for Ellis, so he'd better do it for Noah.  Eli is still amazed that he can be outside in shorts in February, so he was game for jumping in merely so he could brag to his frozen friends in Logan. 
 I've been working on the playhouse.  I got a rug at Costco, we hung up an old mailbox I had in the house, and Adam built a table/bed (it's just big enough for a twin mattress.  I hung some shelf pegs up, but still need to cut the shelves out. 
 I still need/want to paint the floor, paint the table and shelves, hang some curtains (across the opening to use as a door), add a picture wire (so they can hang their artwork) and a few other small odds and ends. Eventually I would like to add some stairs up to the door, but for now it's functional and the kids love playing and having picnics in there.

I realized we hadn't been to the train museum for awhile, so we went to Sacramento to play for awhile.  The kids are very familiar with this place, so they head straight to the trains they can walk through or play on.

I found this cool, old, functioning typewriter at an estate sale on Saturday.  The kids have had fun playing with it, but I plan to put it on a shelf above the computer desk (once we get the shelves made and hung).  
Alright, there you have it.  Phone pictures updated.......for now.


Erika Ellis said...

Yay for pictures, no matter where they came from!

Our Family said...

Very cool! I love the pool. Is that in your backyard???

The Yoder's Four said...

Oh my trampolines. If we went there, my kids would NEVER LEAVE.

Love the progress pictures on your house projects! Isn't it so fun to drag things out for years?? We're doing it, too!