Egg hunt and Easter

 After we got home from camping, we decided to throw together an egg hunt for the kids.  We tried to round up some friends, but to no avail (it was last minute).  Sad that our cousins couldn't join us this year. :(  I made the kids stuff the eggs with candy, and then while they bathed off their stinkiness from camping, Adam and Eli hid the eggs.  Weird that Ava is in clothes, and not the boys; it's usually the opposite.

 Eli thought it was great when the eggs were just out of reach.  He will make such a great father. :/
 Eli laughing and documenting the fact that Ava can't quite reach the egg through the fence.
The kids ate too much candy, and then went to bed.  In fact, I think candy is what we had for dinner.
 I really procrastinated this year, so their Easter baskets were filled with whatever I found on clearance at Target, at 10:00 the night before.  I try to do their swimming stuff (suits, goggles, towels, etc.), a book, and a small trinket for their Easter baskets, but because I was too slow the swimming stuff will have to come later.  They did each get a book, a kite, bubble wand, and a small trinket (slinky, ribbon wand, pincher toy).  I hid the eggs my mom sent, so they got those yummy treasures as well.  They loved it.

 While the kids were looking through their baskets and doing their egg hunt, Min was sleeping through it all. We even hid some eggs on that couch. :)
 It was fun having Min here.  My kids are so comfortable with him, and love to bug him for attention (can you tell, I'm still struggling with them moving).
We have 9:00 church (Adam goes even earlier), so Easter morning was pretty quick.   
Church was really nice.  Adam sang a beautiful song in sacrament meeting, and all the lessons were really good. 


Mary said...

I don't know how you guys manage to squeeze in so much fun in a single weekend! Thanks for hosting Min and reminding him what it's like to be surrounded by children:) He said Noah has mellowed out and Grant has taken over the wild-child place. Nice to have exclusive rights to a couple uncles. We miss you guys and can't wait to see you next month!

The Yoder's Four said...

I am loving that your kids are running around in their underwear in half of the pictures. Baha. That's how things roll at our house, too.

Becca said...

I also am laughing at the underwear shots. I especially love the Easter egg hunt in unders. Classic! Makes me feel better, since about 90% of the time Jane is naked.