Funny Stories about my crazy kids

I have to put these stories on here so I don't forget them, and they are pretty funny.

First story involves Granty.

First off, I need to explain something.  Whenever I open the garage the babies think it's funny to hold on to the garage door until it pulls their arms over their heads.  Usually by that point, I'm yelling at them to let go, and explain EVERY TIME how that is so dangerous.  They don't get it, of course.
So.....one day we were on our way to pick up Noah (naturally we were cutting it close on time), and I told the babies to get in the car.  I pushed the button to open the garage and went back inside to grab my purse.  Anyway, as you probably guessed, Grant grabbed onto the garage door as it was going up. I honestly thought it would stop going up when it recognized the pressure on the door (we actually replaced our garage door openers when we moved in, because they didn't have any child protection lasers on them).  Well, it didn't come back down and up, up, up went Grant.  I heard him screaming and I went running out the door.  There he was hanging on with 1 hand!  Yeah, not only did he take a ride to the top, but he wouldn't drop his chap-stick that I had just given him in the other hand.  I yelled at him to hold on as I was running toward him.  Crazy how all this happened within seconds, because it felt like slow motion. I was about 5 feet away from him, when he let go.  My heart sank, I thought for sure he was going to be hurt really bad.  When he landed he hit his hip/bottom first and then hit his head.  Amazingly (someone 'upstairs' was looking out for him), he walked away with just a goose egg on his head and a sore hip.  He limped around for a few hours, and I was planning on taking him to the doctor, but by dinner he was running around.  NOW, whenever the garage goes up, both Ava and Grant don't touch it, and once in awhile Grant will retell the story of his 'incident'. 

The last two incidents involve both Ava and Grant.

While I was in San Francisco with my mom and sisters, Adam called me and told me what happened at home.  So, I didn't see this all go down, but the picture in my head was pretty funny.  Adam said they just got back from lunch and picking up chlorine for the pool.  The babies were in the house and Adam went out back to put some chlorine in the pool.  He said they both came out back with tears running down their cheeks, sobbing.  Apparently, they went looking for Adam and went out through the garage door.  Adam was unloading stuff from the car, so the garage door was open.  Nala ran out the door and started running down the street.  Not sure if they went after her, or they immediately went hysterical.  (I'm laughing just typing this) They told Adam, through tears, "Nala ran away.  She ran out of the door and ran away."  Luckily she only went to our neighbors house, and came home when Adam went and called her.  The babies were so scared they had lost their dog. 

Next story is somewhat similar to the previous one.

A few days ago I was unloading a few groceries, and we still had a few more errands to run, so I told the babies to stay in the car while I put the groceries in the house.  Of course they didn't obey and got out of their seats (I'm awful, and have been too lazy to put their car seats back in my car after taking them out a couple days ago) and started messing around in the car.  Ava found the vallet key in one of the compartments and put it in the ignition.  She turned it just to the first spot when the radio comes on.  I promise I was only in the house for like 3 minutes putting the milk and fish in the fridge.  When I came back out, both babies were sobbing and Grant was frantically trying to pull the key out of the ignition.   I opened the door and Grant immediately starts ratting Ava out, "Ava turned on the car, and we almost drove away."  I was laughing so hard inside, but tried to keep a straight face.  Grant just kept saying, "the car almost drove us away".   
They are both in that stage where they try to get the other to do something naughty.  Grant usually isn't brave enough to do it, but he will even try to convince Noah to do it.  He is also the first to come tattle on Ava and Noah for their bad behavior, and he's pretty good at keeping their spanking tallies. :)  He does conveniently forget about any spankings he racks up.

Grant will hate me later for this picture. 


bethany said...

LOVE this post. Man, those kids are golden.

The Yoder's Four said...

That last picture is gold. Pure gold.

Ahh, kids!! It's like, if you don't kill them first, they're going to figure out how to do it themselves!!! I'm glad that Grant is okay. Sheesh.

Our Family said...

I need to do this! I will have to ask Dan for help, maybe between the two of us we can remember some... lol

mammasweet said...

The garage door scare is nasty. I had little Adam shift the Volkswagon Dasher on the column and roll back across the street into the neighbors field in Draper when he was three. That's just scary. I miss my kids.

Becca said...

OH! The picture! I got such a hardy laugh out of that lime green delight! Poor, poor Granty (when he grows up and you and Adam show it to all of his friends)!