Easter Bash in a Package

 Wow, I got behind again.  Amazing how quickly that can happen.  I'm sure my lack of posting has nothing to do with the fact that we decided to demo our kitchen and floors, and remodel, take a trip to Utah, and recently added 8 additional humans to this household. However, my mom has been whining about the lack of posts, and my sister who has been behind on posting for over a year is about to catch up to me, so I decided to get back on the blogging bandwagon.
Our amazing aunt Nancy, who has been hosting the Easter bash for the past few years (we loved attending when we lived in SLC), sent us a "you live far away Easter bash package".  We got the package on a Friday, and I told the kids we would do the activities for FHE the following Monday.  They could hardly wait.  Funny what excites them.  The above picture is of the sixlets contest.  They each had a package of sixlets, and they had to see who could eat them the fastest.
 Bubble gum blowing contest.
 Obviously they don't know how to blow bubbles yet.
 Building their pies (since she couldn't send apple pies in the mail for the pie eating contest, Nancy sent play dough to roll out their crust).
 By far the favorite - flour sack wars.  Filled the panty hoses with flour, and they got to run around hitting each other with their flour weapons.

 Adam didn't think they were getting hit enough with the flour, so he helped them be "better targets".

Thanks aunt Nancy and uncle Medardo, we all had a fun FHE because of your fun package.  Still wish we could have been present for the real Easter bash, but this was a good substitute. 
Other games (from what I can remember), hide the thimble (hid a tiny Easter bunny for the kids to find), balloon game (had to keep the balloons in the air); actually that's all I can remember.  I know there were a few more, but since that was over 2 months ago my memory has failed me.  Guess that's another reason to keep up with this blog/journal, right?!

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