Grandma Connie and Grandpa Rob Come for a Visit

September 5-8
I didn't pull out my camera hardly at all while they were here, so this is as good as it gets (picture wise anyway).  Relaxing while Rob entertains the kids.
Grandpa Rob entertaining the kids with his iPad.  Of course, there was some chasing and wrestling as well.
We did some swimming.
Some diving (by Grant)
Great conversation and enjoying the company.
Uncle Eli graced us with his presence for about 24 hours while they were here.  The kids were in heaven having grandma and grandpa, AND uncle Eli, here to play with them.
(photo credit: world wide web, since I didn't bring my camera)
We went to Rollins Lake (a lake up in the Sierra's), to do a little water skiing and tubing.  The lake that is really close to us was closed for the season (due to low water levels), so we just picked one of the nearest mountain lakes to try.  This was our first time to Rollins, and it was beautiful.  The water was glass and there were only about 3 boats on the water.  Noah had to show off to his grandma what a good water skier he is.  All season we've been trying to get him to cross the wake, but he didn't dare.  Finally, after some bribery (his own milkshake), he crossed both wakes on this trip.  He was so happy, and relieved (that it wasn't that scary), after he did it.  

A not too exciting video of Noah and grandpa Rob tubing.  Just proof that grandpa Rob took one for the team (tubing is not my favorite thing to do) and went with Noah on the tube.
Now that I'm blogging about their time here, I'm regretting that I didn't take more pictures.  Next time. 
We had a great time with the Carriers. So glad they could come out and play with us.  We love you grandma Connie and grandpa Rob.

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