Karate Belt Promotion

 Some pictures we were going to use for Valentines Day cards.  My grandpa died a few days before Valentines, so we ended up going to H-town for his funeral.  The cards got pushed aside and forgotten, so Happy Belated Valentines day. :)
 Noah started karate a few months ago, and he really enjoys it.  Right before leaving for the funeral, Noah was able to attend his belt promotion ceremony. 
 Soaking up all his knowledge from his old white belt.
 Can you tell he was SO EXCITED to advance to a gold belt?!
 "oss (pronounced oo-s)"

Since Grant and Ava have to wait at karate (twice a week) with me, they know all the moves too.  So proud of our little karate kid.


ellisgomez said...

Wow awesome and cute kids!!! I love it :)

mammasweet said...

Summer, these are great post valentine shots. I think Noah look very expert with his gold belt.