Shasta Lake Camping

May 16th and 17th

 We did our first camping trip of the season (about a month ago) to Lake Shasta.
Grant loves camping because of the S'mores.
 The master fire builder and marshmallow roaster.
 Our friends the Riddle's came along.  They have an adorable little baby named Ellie.  We made sure to keep that chunky figure in tact by feeding her lots of junk.  She loved us for it! :)
 Noah loves camping because he can explore and find "junk/treasures".  He found these glasses and chums and wore them most of the time.
 All the kids spend a lot of time in the bear box. I should have one of those for a time out spot.
 We did some tubing.  Noah thinks he's a professional tuber now, so he pretends to be indestructible out there.

 Aubrey and baby Ellie
 Noah goofing off and Grant giving the sign to slow down. :)
 Ava demonstrating the 'go faster' and 'slow down' signs for Gavin and Aubrey.
 Riddle family tube ride.  These guys are transferring to a branch in Texas next week.  We will miss them.
 Letting Noah explore on the beach before he water skies.
 What mom? I didn't eat any dirt or leaves.
 My kids LOVE babies and will dote on them and play with them for hours.  Ellie found this tree to stick her head out of, and my kids thought they all had to do the same for a picture.
As always, a great trip to Lake Shasta!


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Erika Ellis said...

Looks fun! (and yummy!)