Ketchikan and Seattle

 Last post from our cruise in June, only took me 4 months. :)
Ketchikan, Alaska - June 13
Vancouver, Canada/Seattle, WA - June 14

We didn't get to Ketchikan until early afternoon, so after breakfast Noah and Ava went to the fun factory on the ship.  Grant, Connie and I went to a water coloring class.  Learned a technique for transferring patterns onto paper and also how to use water color pencils. 
 After lunch we got off the ship and walked a couple blocks to watch a lumberjack show.
 It was a fun show.  They did all kinds of competitions and got the crowd involved.  After each competition they give a piece of scrap wood to one of the audience members.  Ava got one of the scrap pieces (she made an art piece out of it). 

 After the show, we walked around the little town and looked in some of the shops.  This taxidermy shop was the coolest.  Chuck full of stuffed animals - probably not a store for an animal activist. :)

 Noah wanted a picture with this mink fur.  So soft.  He was in heaven in this store.

 For Brooks.  
I hadn't even heard of Megalodon, until the previous week when April said she was making a Megalodon cake for Brooks' birthday.

Grant's souvenir, a lumberjack ax.

Saturday we were at sea the whole day, so the kids spent some time at the fun factory.  Connie and I went to an 'Iron Chef' competition, and we all just took it easy.  
Sunday morning we got off the ship, and then took grandma and grandpa to the airport in Vancouver.  We flew out of Seattle, so we drove to Seattle to spend the day.  We hit terrible traffic on the way to Seattle, so we lost an hour or two just trying to get there.  Adam drove us around Everett and Mukilteo to show us his old stopping grounds.  The above picture was the first house they lived in there.
 Mukilteo ferry
 The house Moose and Connie built. 
 Adam's high school - Kamiak
We tried stopping by some of Adam's old ward members houses, but no one was home.  We found out we were there during their church time.  
 We went to downtown Seattle, to show the kids Pike's Place Market.

 It was so crowded, so we just walked through the market and then left.
 This 'gold lady' was pretty cool.  The kids thought she was neat.  She would hold really still and then when someone would get close to see if she was real, she would move. 
 Then we went to see the Seattle temple.

There's a chapel hidden behind the temple, so we walked back there for a few minutes.  The kids found this very friendly bunny running on the grass.  I have a feeling it wasn't a wild bunny. We had such a fun time on our cruise.  Lots of fun memories were made. 


Ty * April said...

Brooks has been staring at this megaladon tooth forever. He is now sure that it exists because you just gave him proof. He would also like to know if you bought it and what other info you have about it. :) Your vacation looked amazing. Alaska is beautiful!

Jessica said...

That looks like such an awesome trip! Someday I hope to travel...:)