Remodel post - Ava's Room

We had uncle Min here to visit a couple weeks ago, and he was commenting on how much different our house looked.  I'd forgotten how much we'd done over the last couple years, which I haven't documented.   So, I'll take a short break in the Guatemala posts to do a little remodeling update.  
Ava's room was actually 'done' (I'm never really DONE with a room - i have a problem with changing things frequently) over a year ago, but obviously I have slacked with posting pictures.  The above picture was the end of 2011!!  Look at my babies, they're so big now.  We had all the kids in Ava's room while we were remodeling the boys room.
 This is Ava's room in 2012.  I let the kids draw all over the walls before we painted them.  My bad - this wall ended up a dark purple, but the other walls we did white, so it required quite a few layers of paint to cover up the drawings.
This picture was after we plastered, sanded, painted and glittered (only on the purple wall) the walls. The glitter really only shows in the mornings when the sun is shining through the window. This was the end of 2012
This is her room now (well, these were taken in May of 2014, but it pretty much looks the same).
Bed, pink bed light, ceiling light and nightstand from IKEA.  Curtains from World Market.  Rocking chair from the Yangs.
The floral curtains are transparent, and I had white curtains downstairs that I didn't like down there, so I put them underneath to add some bulk and keep out the light.  The glass stars I love (ordered from Etsy). The carpet went in last year, which makes all our improvements actually look decent.  Should have done the carpet first, then we wouldn't have had to do anything else.  :)

Ava is my little book worm, so she always has a shelf FULL of books. 
I found an artists that I really liked online, but his prints were expensive (and as I mentioned before, I change my mind with decorating a lot), so I just printed them off the computer.  They aren't the greatest quality, but I made them small enough, it didn't really matter. As you can see they all have a star in them. 

That purple star has Ava's name in the center.  Hard to see with the white wall.

A few of the finishing touches.
These 2 things were in my bedroom when I was growing up.  My mom made them.

That picture has since been crumpled in a mad rage from the little miss. Naughty girl. We replaced the smoke detector, vent cover, painted the doors and trim and added the closet organizer.
Ava has the bigger closet of the two kids rooms. Not really fair since there are 2 kids in the other room, but she's a girl, so it's justified, right?  Our bedrooms are quite small, so they are pretty much only for sleeping and getting dressed (which is how I would have it, no matter the size of their rooms).  All the toys are kept downstairs.  Ava does have all her dress-up dresses in her closet. 
Someone trying to sneak under the bed while I was taking pictures.
I didn't realize how much light still got through those curtains until summer time hit, and it didn't get dark until well after bedtime. 
The roman shades are a tan'ish color in a woven fabric.  They also have a blackout fabric behind them, so it gets pretty dark when they are closed.  I love how they add a 'wood' color and softer element to the room.  
The only things I want to do now is make some colorful pillow cases (I like the bedspread white, makes the other elements pop more), and Ava and I bought a little fairy door that we've been meaning to paint and add to a corner in her room.  The boys want one too, and think it would be awesome if they could open the little doors, and were connected to each other.  That way they could pass things through the fairy doors to each other. Ha, that would be cool.  We'll see if it ever happens though.
Her room was pretty inexpensive too.  I'm sure I kept track of everything somewhere, but it's been so long, I can't find it.  The most expensive thing(s) were the window treatments, and they weren't too expensive.  The roman shades were originally a lot more than I planned on spending for this room, but when they showed up, I noticed a couple small holes in it (which happen to be hidden under the valance flap, so can't even see them), so the company gave me $100 off.! Score!
One more shot of the before so you don't have to scroll back to the top.  Much improved, in my opinion. 


Mary said...

I love it all...especially the color scheme. I think I might try purple in my bedroom. It's colorful but soothing too. We've almost decided to paint walls in this rental...it's so hard making a house I don't own feel like home.

mammasweet said...

Summer, Ava's room was perfect and comfortable when we stayed with you. It was shared by all the little guys, and no wonder! I had no idea you had just finished it! Love you.

The Yoder's Five said...

Looks awesome! Love the glitter wall!