I was surprised at how few pictures I had for May.  It was super busy, but obviously didn't take time to take many pictures.   Wildflowers are huge and beautiful this time of year.
Adam's mission greenie, Jeff, is one of the inventors and owners of Mission belts.   Adam is super proud of him and was excited to see that both of our missionaries were wearing Mission belts. 
I sent Ava to school looking slightly better than this, but when she came home and looked like this it made me laugh.  I don't know what she does during the day, but she usually looks like she's run a marathon by the time she gets home.  I told her to smile and she gave me this face. Crazy girl.
Mother's day this year was more like Mother's week!!  I got to go to 2 Mother's day tea parties (within 30 minutes of each other) at school.  First was Grant's and they sang songs and played a game called "who's mom is it?".   Each kid drew a picture of their mom and answered some questions about them.  All the moms were nervous about what their kid might say about them. 
This was Grant's drawing of me.
Nothing to embarrassing about these answers.  Thanks Grant. 
He had to serve me brownies and strawberries before he could get any for himself.  He was so cute and happy to have me there. 

Next was Ava's Mother's day tea party.  They also sang songs, drew pictures of us and answered questions.  She made me a boutonniere to wear during the party, and she told me I got to have as many cookies as I wanted, but she could only have 2. :)

Ava's drawing of me.
Part of her booklet she made about me.
Noah made me a card and flower pot at scouts for Mother's day.  He also brought me breakfast in bed and lectured me on not spilling in bed before handing it over. Ha!

On the actual Mother's day, I was spoiled again.  Adam helped Noah make breakfast to deliver to my bed (it's hard to eat in bed, so I ended up coming downstairs to eat), the kids did the usual Mother's day singing in church and each of them made these cute cards (along with a cute flower bracelet).  Adam surprised me with a new fancy purse and made dinner that night too.  Definitely one of the best Mother's days so far.

When my mom was here she helped the kids make this bead bell thing, and surprisingly they kept it a secret for over a week.  They were super excited to give it to me.  They said it has to go in the kitchen window because the sun has to shine thru the beads.
One day in May Noah was coming down the stairs to tattle on Ava for doing something and he slipped somehow (he stumbles all the time for no reason) and bonked his chin on the corner of our metal stair railing.  It was deep enough it probably needed a stitch or two, but not deep enough that I wanted to take him in to get those stitches.  I didn't have any butterfly bandaids, so I found some superglue and glued it shut.  It worked perfectly.  Didn't reopen and healed just fine.
Went to open house at the kids' schools.  They love showing their siblings what they have been working on in their classrooms.
Noah's class just had butterflies hatch, so he couldn't wait to show us those.
Noah and Adam went fishing with their scout den.  They left really early and with a dad who fishes a lot. He was very confident they would catch fish like crazy.  Not 1 bite!!   Supposedly, they stopped stocking the lakes due to the drought.  Adam said they still had a great time.

The boys went to Fathers and Sons camp out in May.  Adam took a half day off so they could take the boat out on the lake.  It's a fishing lake, so they couldn't go fast, but they had fun casting (no fish, again). Another dad brought up his canoe too.  The boys LOVE Fathers and Sons.  They talk about it all year.  Adam always says he's surprised by how much they love it, because they don't do anything that exciting.   The boys tell me it's because there are no girls there. Ha!
This year for our girls weekend (during Fathers and Sons), I gave Ava the option to go to the movie theater or go to a pottery painting place.   Obviously she picked the pottery painting.  She loved it.  She got to pick out what she wanted to paint, then paint it however she wanted.  She got tired of it after a little while (you have to paint everything 3 times for the colors to show up good), so I had to help her finish it up.  She designed it and told me what to do at the end.
It  turned out really cute and when it's her turn to set the table, she likes to serve the water with it.  Now the boys want to go and paint their own tea pot, so they each have their own at dinner time. 
After we painted, Ava and I met some friends at the Cheesecake factory for dinner.  Ava got to pick out any dessert she wanted.  She chose the biggest piece of chocolate cake.  After dinner we went to Nordstroms to pick out her water shoes for summertime.   She is such a sweet little girl when she is by herself.  The whole time she kept talking about her brothers and wondering what they were doing and asking if we could buy them something.  I asked the boys if they thought of Ava at all while they were camping..........nope.  :)
Fathers and Sons was over Memorial Day weekend, so 'unca Eli' came over to stay for a couple days.  Adam sold Eli his old bike and forced him out of bed at 6 am to test it out.  You can see how happy Eli was about that idea. 
No napping for poor 'unca Eli' afterward either.  We went to the lake with our friends right after they got back from the bike ride.  The Tidwells brought snacks to eat and you would have thought we didn't feed our kids at all......they devoured the chips in minutes.  
I think Katie has most of the skiing pictures on her phone, but I found this one of me on Adam's phone.
After the lake we ate lunch at a pretty good Mexican place, and Adam promised anyone who skied or tubed an ice cream, so he had to deliver.
As soon as we got back from the lake we got ready for a Memorial Day party at our house.  We were doing dutch oven, so it was sort of a mad dash getting all the food ready, because we got home from the lake later than planned.  While I was getting food ready, Adam and Eli took the kids to the park to launch rockets (Eli brought rockets for the kids to build - he did most of the building).  The food was super yummy and the company was great.  Busy full day, but lot's of fun.  Eli crashed on the couch about half way thru the party.  :)
Noah hated watching Ava's gymnastics class, so he decided he wanted to try it out himself.  He's actually pretty good at it and really likes it.
Noah won the Life skills award at school for friendship. 
Well, that's a wrap for May.  It flew by in a flash, as do most months nowadays. 


mammasweet said...

Summer, this was so cute. Always is, but I loved the picture of you skiing and Ava's crazy hair the most. They boys just want to camp out with boys so they can pretend they're tough. We know the truth! Love you, and keep this up, Birthday Girl!

The Yoder's Five said...

I love the mountain/lake pictures! So pretty!

So a couple of weeks ago I went and took ballet class down in St. George. Gretchen was supposed to teach but she had just got back from 6 weeks in Europe and didn't feel like it. So there was a sub but it was still fun--there was no A/C though so it was 85* in the room. It was soooooo hot. But Amy (Hodges) Ence was there!!! I hadn't seen her in years! She is still fabulous, she's had 5 kids but still dances beautifully. She lives in Santa Clara. If you come to Utah soon we need to all get together. I tried taking a picture with her but my camera didn't work. :/