Part of October

 I'm the garden helper for Grant's kindergarten class.  The garden last year for Ava turned out awesome, so the teacher asked if I would do it again. No pressure!  Actually, it's crazy to see this picture, because all the plants are huge right now.
 Eli came for General Conference weekend and had Erin's ring with him.  The kids were practicing their proposals.
 Getting as much use out of Eli's kayak as they can before it leaves for Arizona.
Conference Sunday cinnamon rolls.
Eli approved.
Ava only picked off a few of the 'very pretty flowers' in the Spring, so we had a good crop of pomegranates this year.
Noah has amazing scout leaders. They made Indian vests and drums one night for den meeting around a camp fire!!  How awesome it that?!  This month they did knives, so Noah was in heaven.
My last pumpkin patch field trip.

Of course we stocked up on 'weird' pumpkins before leaving.  I love unusual pumpkins.  We give all our pumpkins a clorox bath and then wipe them down with vasoline.  Makes them super shiny and they last FOREVER!!  or until I turn them into pies. :)

Saturday chore reward - lunch and movie (Hotel Transylvania 2).  There's a new theater nearby that you sit in big comfy seats with a little table.  You push a button (which my kids did multiple times) and a waiter brings you your food.  The kids thought it was pretty cool. 
More scouts - Rain Water Rigatta

He lost, but I'm just happy he did it.  He was sobbing a few seconds before this.  I don't know why this kid gets so much anxiety at pack meetings. 
Ava's homework.  She was so proud and did most of it by herself.  She's definitely my most creative.
Baking class homework - pastry cream (took 2 attempts) and pate sucree (tart crust)
Crazy sock and hair day.
I'm not nice like my mom, I make my kids gut their own pumpkins and carve it. 
Dad helped Ava since her pumpkin was so thick.  We had a ward party the night before Halloween, and we were headed to the cabin right after, so we did a quick carving before the ward party.
Ward Fall Festival and Chili cook off.  Always a fun time!
Went to the cabin right after the ward party and played up there on Saturday.  Came home after lunch to get ready for trick-or-treating.  Crazy busy weekend.  Noah and Grant were goofing off in the truck on the way home and knocked out Grant's very loose tooth. 
Grant - Donatello
Noah - ninja
Ava - who knows?  She told everyone she was 'dead'.  Ha! 
 I was looking back at past Halloweens and remembered making all their costumes and trying to have a theme, etc.  This year we went to target for their buy one get one free deals, let them choose what they wanted, and Noah wore Grant's old ninja stuff.  It was SO much easier.  I enjoy making their costumes, but I admit that when life is busy, I prefer the low stress, easy way out, holidays. 
Our neighborhood is great for trick-or-treating, although we had hardly any come to our door this year.  Lots of good decorating, but again, not as good as years before.
The kids got more candy than we could ever eat (we had to come back and dump their buckets and start again - lots of full size candy bars - I need to step up my game), but they had fun collecting it all.

Had the primary program in October.  The kids did great memorizing their parts and Noah played in a little string quartet.  This was during their practice (I know you're not supposed to record in the chapel).  The kids and I went to Hawaii in October, but I have way too many pictures to include that in this post. 


mammasweet said...

Yeah, I've been waiting for October to appear. Looks like you've been busier than ever. I think the kids are ALL creative! They are all just like you. Not afraid to eat new things, cook with you, garden with you, craft with you. We can't wait to see you. If getting Erin and JM into the family wasn't the highlight of the year, getting everyone together for a few days is- at least for me.

Mary said...

First of all, you have a pomegranate plant!? OH, I miss California produce, especially the citrus. I miss your kids too--love to see them growing up, but sad to miss so much of it. I think it's time we start budgeting for more trips to cousins. Seeing you guys once a year is not enough. Here's a deal: I'll fly to CA with my kids to see you if you promise to fly to SD with yours once a year, and of course we'll meet up in Utah whenever there's a reunion, wedding or funeral. Plan?

Summer said...