Hawaii - part 2

 October 14
We took a catamaran tour to go snorkeling.  First we had to get on a bus and go to another resort for our tickets, then we got on this glass bottom boat out to the catamaran.

We ended up going right back to where our hotel was. Ha!  It was in a location we couldn't have gotten to by foot, but still funny we ended up where we started.
My dad made sure the boat didn't go anywhere.  :)  Still can't believe he didn't even bring a swimming suit TO HAWAII!!

After snorkeling we got lunch on the catamaran and sailed around for an hour or so.  It was nice and relaxing.  The kids sat in the very front or on the 'trampoline' floor. 

The babies got sick of snorkeling after awhile, so one of the guides took them back to the boat so Noah, my mom and I could keep snorkeling.
Noah liked diving down and touching the coral and snatching golf balls off the bottom.

My mom
These urchins turn your fingers red when you rub them. 
The kids took advantage of the free pop on board.

We came back to hotel and swam in the ocean and swimming pool some more.  At 3:00 every afternoon they bring around Melona popsicles.
They have the roughest life.  Just ask them, they'll tell you how hard it is.
October 15
Grandpa and Noah went on a little history tour around the hotel property.  Ava, Grant, Grandma and I went to basket weaving class.  We all got to make our own little baskets.

Grandma asked the teacher to show her how to make little fish.
Noah came back and wanted to make one too.  
We checked out of our hotel and headed towards Volcano.  We stopped at Waipio Valley.
The view was incredible!!!

Next stop Umauma falls.

Then Akaka falls.  This trail is amazing.  Tons of unusual flowers and incredible views.

First waterfall

What a fern looks like before blooming.

Ava requested a picture with those specific leaves in it. :)

This flower was huge - as big as my head!!  Not that I have a big head. :)
We made it to Kip's 'other house' in Volcano National Park.  He BBQ'd dinner for us and the kids ransacked his house, then we went to the KMC (a military housing place) to go to bed.

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