I needed a break from all the Blue and Gold stress, so I took the kids to Cambria to meet up with Kyle and Emily.  Adam already had clients scheduled and a young men's activity so he stayed home.  Even though it rained for half the time, we had a great time.  We got to play with baby Jack, Ollie and Gus (and a couple of Emily's cousins).
Found this strange sea creature and decided we needed to dissect it.
Two of the nights we were there, crazy wind and rain storms came thru.  It knocked down a lot of big trees.

It is absolutely beautiful this time of year.  The whole ride home, I kept looking out the window and couldn't believe how pretty it was.
Foggy beaches.

Found this cool looking bird at one of the beaches.  We thought he was dead, but he was still breathing.  Felt so bad for it, but didn't know whether to put it out of it's misery or see if he would fly away.

It was cold and rainy, but the kids didn't mind at all.  They played and played even when the rain was coming down.
They had surf warnings everyday we were there.  The waves were really big and I was nervous, but my kids CAN NOT stay out of the water.

Looking for sea glass is how we spend most of our time there.
The sun peeking thru for a few hours.  Grandma Becky (Emily's mom) was there too (as well as Emily's brother and family), so it was fun hanging out with her for a few days.  I used to work with her for many years and think she is amazing, so it was nice to catch up with her.
Another one for Rachelle. :)

Elephant seals on one of the beaches we were playing at.
Grant was into making tepees this time, so we built a few of them.

It was such a nice break.  So nice to not have anything on the calendar for a few days, eat great food, and to play at the beach with family and friends. 


Erika Ellis said...

Fun looking through your blog! I would love an invite to your cabin blog!

Mary said...

How beautiful! Glad you were able to spend time with Hurricane friends and family. I won't show my kids these pictures because they'd whine for days about visiting you and the ocean.