Our cabin has no cell coverage, so we put up a cell booster and now we can occasionally get spotty 3G.  We went up conference weekend to work on it hoping we could stream conference over LDS.org (too bad their isn't a radio station in California that runs conference - perks of Utah).  We were able to hear most of it.  I wasn't too worried about it anyway, since I gain way more from the talks after conference is over and I can read them in the Ensign. 

 Loved spending conference up there.  It was raining so we just stayed in and ate pumpkin cinnamon rolls and listened to our prophet and apostles.  Perfect weekend.

 In between sessions we went up to the fire tower.  Adam thought by the time we got up there the fog would roll out.  Nope!  It just got more and more dense.  Looked straight out of a Halloween movies.
 Made it to the tower, but couldn't see anything with the dense fog.  They used to rend this tower out for people to stay in, but it's falling apart so obviously they don't do that anymore.  Too bad, it's pretty awesome up there.  Would be so fun to stay there sometime.
 Cool blue acorns the kids found.
 Over that cliff is a view of the lake. I've turned into my dad now that I'm old.  Cliff edges scare me to death with kids. My heart races the whole time they are near them.
 Teeny view of the lake as the fog rolled past.

 We had to take down a big tree in our back yard because some little children decided it would be fun to hammer nails into it.  The parents of those children didn't know it until the next season when the tree DIED!!  Adam took it down and this is what Ava turned the stump into. 
 Teaching Grant how to drink upside down. Funny! You should try it.  April, remember trying this at the clinic when we were supposed to be cleaning?! 
 The babies wanted to take their sluff day together, and because they scheduled it in advance (Noah decided the night before for his), Adam took the day off work.  Lucky!  He won't even take a day off for me.  Ava and Grant decided on ice skating, a movie at the theater and then a trip to the candy store.
 Spirit week - crazy hair day. Only had red and green hairspray (from last years crazy hair day), so we went with it. 
 Christmas wreath for Ava's hair.

 Went on another hike with Heidi.  This time we went to South Lake Tahoe. 
 Not many aspen trees around here, at least now what I'm used to seeing in Utah, so we were excited to see some pretty leaves on our hike.

 The top of that mountain was our destination.  From here it looks daunting, but it wasn't too bad.

 A little snow towards the top.
 Grant's homework.  He was very proud of his scarecrow. 

The boys laughing at Noah's movies.  No doubt about poop or something gross. Boys!!
 My dad turned 60!! so the kids and I (Adam had to work) went to Hurricane for a few days.  We got there a couple days before Halloween, so my mom got some pumpkins for the kids to carve.  I'm lazy and make them to everything from gutting to carving. 

 They love this tree just like my sister Melissa did.  I can't believe how big it is now.  It's HUGE!!
 Between my parents and their neighbors house they poured a big thing of cement.  My mom showed the kids how to go down the hill on the wiggle cars.  It's seriously an accident waiting to happen.  The kids go up and down it for hours though.  I think I would feel better if helmets were involved.
 Aunt Shelby channeling her inner make-up artist. 
 Frightening Ava!! Ava wanted to be something scary, so she was a vampire. Halloween was super easy this year.  I didn't put up any decorations and didn't pick out/make any costumes.  I knew my mom still had bins of our old Halloween costumes that the kids could pick from. 
 Grant found a pirate costume.  He wouldn't let me paint his face. :/
 Noah with his finished pumpkin.  Noah found this shirt in the Halloween box and decided to be a scarecrow.  With the painted face, this costume turned out so cute.


 Had fun dressing up little Miss Georgia too.

 Stopped at all the aunts/uncles and grandparents houses for candy and then went to April's for her little neighborhood party.

 Finally got to meet sweet baby Mae. 
 April and Ty have hotdogs and root beer in their cul-de-sac and their neighbor has a big screen playing a movie.  The kids loved it. 
 Noah got to go with the older kids and go trick-or-treating around town and to a haunted house.  He thought it was pretty great.
 Not too much candy from Ava and Grant because they preferred to watch the movie rather than go door to door.  Don't feel bad, they still got PLENTY.
 Noah, on the other hand, got quite the loot. 
Ava LOVES my moms cats.   That about sums up October.  First of November we were in Hurricane still, so more pictures from the big 6-0 birthday coming up.  

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Mary said...

Your kids have the best life. And, BTW, these were the first pictures I've seen of Luke's girls in about 6 months.