What do you do in the wintertime when waterskiing isn't an option? We start to get pretty creative on the everyday activities.
pict. 1: Noah is supposed to be sitting on the potty and doing his business. We give him a book so he will stay longer. It usually works on getting him to stay longer, but he usually ends up sitting on his stool and just looking at the books.
pict. 2: Meal time gets more creative in the wintertime. We've pulled out all of our cookie cutters and make different designs for each meal. Noah likes to eat off the gingerbreads legs (morbid).
pict. 3: Bundle up and play outside anyway. Problem.....when he has to go to the bathroom it's very difficult to take off all those layers.
pict. 4: Smart baby. To get me out of bed each morning Noah either comes in and yells "MOMMA GET UP!" or he puts on my glasses to bring them to me. Either way gets me up immediately.
So what do YOU do in the wintertime?


Jon & Bridget said...

I can't believe how big he is getting. I especially love the potty picture! We haven't really experienced winter yet down her... maybe come down to get away from the cold :) Did you guys put in for the church adoption? We (or at I) are thinking about it again. Jon wants to do invitro, but I don't know!!! Anyway... hope to see you soon. :)

Nick and Heidi said...

My kids love the cookie cutters also. Sometimes that's the only way to get Riah to eat. I bet you have enjoyed the warmer winter this year though.
Are you guys going to be with us on Christmas Eve this year? I can't remember.

Jessica said...

We like to bake together on cold days or play tag although it's kind of tiring with just 2 of us! :)

Min and Mary said...

Just move to Esparto and you won't have to worry about changing your routine for the winter:) I hope you mean that Noah usually ends up sitting on the stepping-stool reading his book, and not the other kind of stool...
We miss you too! Charlotte looked out the window above her bed tonight with a sad face and said, "Good night Noah." Heart-breaking.