Sorry this post is a little late. For our Thanksgiving weekend Connie, Eli, Leah, Adam, Noah and I went to Mary and Min's for a few days. The drive was long but wasn't as bad as we all anticipated. Mary's house is adorable and we definitely appreciate all the work they have done. 90% of the pictures are of Noah and Charlotte together; they were so fun to watch play together. They especially loved jumping on the beds and playing hide-n-seek (their favorite hiding spot was under the baskets). Noah took almost the entire time getting comfortable with Sophie (the dog). Finally the last day he got brave and started petting his ears.
We heard about a lake near Mary's called Clearlake where waterskiing all year is possible. What a dream come true!! We had to check it out for ourselves. The lake was beautiful. Charlotte hasn't had much practice with ice cream (Noah's a pro due to his mother) so we took it upon ourselves to help out our niece. As you can see she needs a little help. :) And probably the most joyous part of the trip was Leah getting new shoes....YEAH!! No more stinky shoes, at least for awhile. Thanks again Yangs for a wonderful time. Noah still asks if he can go play with Charlotte. I think he forgot about the 10 hours in his carseat.


mommaquincy said...

Thanks for sharing! Looks like an awesome reunion!

The Ellis Family said...

Next time, we want to be invited....just imagine waterskiing on Thanksgiving! It would be a Thanksgiving miracle!

Min and Mary said...

We'll work on the ice cream. Thanks for "Frosty". Now we're really in the Christmas spirit! We love you guys and we're counting down the days until we see you again.