Ava's new boyfriend
Emily's new sexy lingerie
Noah helping grandma with the zucchini
August has been a very busy month. First, we went to Bear Lake with all the Wilson siblings. Then the following week my mom came and snatched Noah, Ava and I up to spend a few days at her house. While we were down there we got to attend Emily's (my new sister-in-law) bridal shower, go with her and Kyle to the temple for their endowments and attend Brooks' baby blessing. It was a fun and eventful week. Now we're getting ready to go to Hawaii for the big wedding.


Em said...

Hawaii huh? I didn't know I was getting married in Hawaii!? :) jk Cute pics.

mommaquincy said...

Cute kids! Enjoy Hawaii! Always wanted to go 6 months pregnant, right?

The Jones Family said...

My niece is almost 9 months old and has a little sheep that she LOVES! It's adorable. Ava is getting so big already. Your kids are so cute! Hope you're feeling well and everything is great!

Amy said...

Ahhh Hawaii! Enjoy the vacay!

So many people come to my blog from yours. Thank you for the traffic! Keep sending them!